Donate In Time to Get Your Car Removed Before Pesach

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With a Pesach to-do list as long as a king cobra, cleaning that extra car you’re not really sure what do with has got to be way down at the bottom of the list. In the days before Pesach, we tend to get many donors looking to do something good with that car instead of going through the hassle of cleaning out those months-old pretzel crumbs that got ALL OVER the back seat. We’re happy – grateful, actually – to take your car, chametz and all. But when people call the night of bedikas chametz, we can’t necessarily arrange a pickup in time to get that car before Yom Tov.

So here’s a public service announcement, from us to you:

Please be aware that the deadline to call to donate your car and be guaranteed pickup before Pesach isTuesday, April 4, ches Nissan. After Tuesday, we can try to accommodate you but we can’t guarantee pickup in time. Call 1-877-Kars-4-Kids (877-527-7454) or visit to donate. You’ll be crossing one more item off your to-do list while helping make Pesach an uplifting and authentic experience for hundreds of Jewish children and families.


  1. great choice of picture. I just don’t wanna have to wait on line behind all the others waiting to donate their spanking new bentleys…


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