Donors of $70,000 to Join Gerrer Rebbe On Trip to Italy

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gerrer-rebbeThe economic recession spreading through the world has taken a heavy toll on Torah institutions in Eretz Yisroel, and the Gerrer institutions are no exception. Ichud Mosdos Gur supports dozens of institutions scattered all across the country, including Talmud Torahs, yeshivos, kollelim, and thousands of families who benefit from the munificence of the chassidus.

The current financial situation has taken a serious toll on the Gerrer mosdos. The heads of Ger sought a solution to raise the needed funds to keep its activities going. Eventually, after a marathon of feverish discussions and brainstorming meetings, a proposal was accepted unanimously: Distinguished Gerrer families would receive invitations to join a trip to Europe together with the Gerrer Rebbe himself. The right to be included on such a journey involves contributing funds for Ger and its institutions.

Trips of this kind have already been conducted twice; three years ago, the trip was to France.

A special steering committee has planned the trip in detail, coordinating everything with the Rebbe. The destination will be Italy, near the border with Switzerland. There, at the foot of the Alps, supporters of Ger will merit to join the Rebbe, who will arrive on the second day of the trip. During the day, the Rebbe will join the donors for meals, will daven with them, and will meet with each one personally, imparting advice and brachos.

To join the trip, each participant must donate $70,000.

The trip will take place after Sukkos, on Thursday of the week of Parshas Vayeirah. The highlight will be the Shabbos spent the Rebbe.

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  1. WoW! Now we know for sure that we are in a severe recession. In the past the entrance to such an event was a minimum contribution of 250,000 dollars. That’s really taking a hit.

  2. To # 6:

    Why is it necessary? I guess there is some sort of recession going on and funding is severely lacking.
    Have you been asleep the past year?
    It is indeed a drastic step, but it raises $$ in a kosher way, better than making headlines in the press with fraud etc.

  3. The Gerrer Rebbi takes care of his people. They get clothes & food for Yom Tov, they get help marrying off their children, they get jobs & training.

    It is a wonderful society, if you have you “give”, if you need you “get”.

    what a wonderful philosophy !!

    (A non-Gerrer admiror)


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