DON’T DO IT: Use a False Entry Permit – and Be Banned from Israel for Five Years

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Authorities in Israel informed this morning that numerous fake entry permits have been confiscated on a daily basis, as unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of those desperate to visit Israel by selling them fabricated paperwork for upwards of $3-500.

When those possessing these fake papers arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, they have no chance of being allowed entry into the country, as all names of those who have received legitimate entry permits are contained in an electronic database. Once one’s passport number is entered into the computer, the jig is up.

“It’s just not worth it,” Rabbi Nechemia Malinowitz of the Igud hayeshivos told this morning. “You’ll be wasting your time and money, and you’ll be sent right back from where you came.”

Indeed, those with fraudulent permits are being sent right back to their country of origin on the next available flight – on their dime.

So besides for being rejected entry, they’ve wasted money on a round-trip flight to Israel.

To compound matters, anyone caught with a fake entry permit is being banned from entering Israel for a period of five years – no exceptions.

Unfortunately, it has become virtually impossible to track down the sources of the fake permits, because they are being sold in multiple cities and multiple locations in the Diaspora. So rather than focusing on those who are dispensing this fallacious papers, the focus right now is on informing unwitting travelers to be cautious and to ensure that their entry permits are authentic.

“It doesn’t take much to fake an entry permit,” was told. “It’s a question of taking an existing permit and changing the name and numbers. But upon entry to Israel, there’s no way to get by the security apparatus.” is seeking to help those traveling to Israel, ensuring that they are not embroiled in a fake-entry-permit debacle. If you are traveling to Israel and wish to verify that your entry permit is legitimate, please send an email to [email protected] and, with the help of Israeli authorities, we will do our best to assist you.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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