Don’t Just Reserve Your Seat. Reserve Your Legacy.

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The Siyum is not just about the massive event on January 1 with 90,000 yidden and hundreds of thousands around the world, it is about January 2 onward. It’s about the Torah learning being generated and that will be inspired through The Siyum. And, you can partner with this epic growth of Torah now by reserving your seat HERE, and don’t just reserve your seat, reserve your legacy. 

The Siyum is not about January 1, but about January 2. The massive event is not celebrating the completion but the new beginning of a surge of Torah learning. For the next seven and a half years, thousands upon thousands of people will increase, recommit and enhance their learning as a result of The Siyum and the initiatives of Chavrei HaSiyum, Masmidei HaSiyum and the Daf Yomi Chaburos.  

This is your opportunity to connect to limud haTorah. Join a Daf Yomi Chaburah, or learn a masechta through Chavrei HaSiyum. Perhaps Kinyan Masechta is for you, or Amud Yomi or Amud HaShavuah. There are so many opportunities out there to live Ki Heim Chayeinu. 

But, there is one way for everyone to become a partner in this amazing increase in Torah and that is by reserving your seat for The Siyum now. CLICK HERE now. Don’t wait, because there are a limited number of seats still available. 



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