Don’t Leave Your Political Questions Unanswered!

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-Communicated- Here’s your chance to ask your political questions! Oorah is allowing the public to submit their questions to Trump or Hillary. The questions will be answered by special guests who will be coming on during the political hour on the Oorahthon this Motzai Shabbos, June 4.  Submit your questions to, Oorah will be airing and answering the questions live at the Oorahthon.

Aside from political hour, there are other great programs on the schedule. From the Shark Tank segment with kiruv personnel arguing for their cause, to hourly siyumim of Torahmates with live music, kiruv interviews, Fiveish hour and shidduch talk, all culminating in the  drawing of the 50 awesome prizes, this year’s Oorahthon will be better than ever.

Ask your questions and make sure to stream live this Motzai Shabbos, starting at 10pm. Call in and listen live on the Oorahthon Hotline: 718-557-0555 or you can listen on your local radio station: NY Metro Area: WABC 770 AM, WMCA 570 AM; and in Lakewood: WMDI 107.9 FM

You can get your political questions answered and watch the live debate at It’s sure to be exciting!

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  1. Yes, please ask both candidates how they plan on solving the age-gap crises gripping our community. Can they enforce it and make the law of the land? Can one be arrested and imprisoned if he marries a girl 2 years younger than him?


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