Don’t Want To Wear A Mask On Your Next Flight? That Just Got A Lot Harder

Amer Sweidan/Courtesy of Qatar Airlines
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Passengers who refuse to wear masks based on medical exemptions will no longer be able to fly on American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

On Wednesday, both air carriers announced anyone over the age of two must wear a mask while flying. Masks can only be removed to eat or drink, and Southwest’s new policy states these instances should be “very brief.”

“Customers and team members have been clear that they feel more safe when everyone is wearing a face covering,” said Alison Taylor, chief customer officer of American Airlines, in an announcement posted on the company’s website.

Both new policies apply to the entire travel experience. American indicates customers must wear face coverings “from the time they enter their departure airport and not remove it until they exit their arrival airport.”

Read more at CNBC.



  1. This would be a nice policy to adopt even in “ regular times”. Who needs other people breathing and coughing on you in close proximity.

    Don’t be selfish wear masks.

  2. No problem for the anti-maskers. Kvetch a little more and your doctor can give you an “under 2 yr. old” exemption.

    • Hope you and your family, including little children, wear masks 24 hours a day if your windows are open. Many people who did not step out of their house since Purim got sick too. Obviously it’s because the bacteria is air-borne and their windows were open.

  3. Hope they have enough oxygen tanks for every passenger suffocating in the masks, otherwise the airlines should be sued for no less than $10 million dollar per passenger that can’t breath.

    • They should put those who say they can’t breathe on a real oxygen mask, so that they indeed figure out that masks can be unpleasant, especially for those who have the misfortune of really having health problems. You know, those among us that you and your POTUS consider disposable.


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