‘Double Standard’: McConnell Rebukes Democrats For Allowing Protesters To ‘Outrank Religion’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday rebuked Democratic leaders for attending protests amid statewide shutdowns after months of discouraging large public gatherings.

McConnell, in a speech delivered on the Senate floor, warned that since Democratic governors, mayors, and other top officials began encouraging and participating in the protests over the death of George Floyd, “our national life during this pandemic has slid toward a double standard.”

“Many Americans feel they’ve just seen those fastidious regulations and that puritanical zeal disappear in an instant because a new cause has emerged that powerful people agree with,” McConnell said. “A month ago, small protest demonstrations were widely condemned as reckless and selfish. Now, massive rallies that fill entire cities are not just praised, but in fact, are called especially brave because of the exact same health risks that brought condemnation when the cause was different.”

“The rights of free speech, free assembly, and the free exercise of religion are all First Amendment rights,” McConnell said. “They have the same constitutional pedigree. But apparently, while protests are now permissible, prayer is still too dangerous. Politicians are now picking and choosing within the First Amendment itself.”

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  1. Good man makes a good point!
    But talking to a wall doesn’t usually bring results.
    The only chance at results would be on Nov. 3, but the American public seems to be of the same “wall” mentality…


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