DOUBLE STANDARD: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Tells Wolf Blitzer That He Is Banning All Large Gatherings In New York City Except For Black Lives Matter Protests

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  1. Whenever you think this guy couldn’t be any dumber he’s just says hold my beer. This dude is a totally incompetent fool. How any Jewish person can still support him is mind boggling.

  2. The Mayor is a rodef. He was not practicing social distancing while he was defacing City property with paint brushes. How many people will now die because of he and his wife’s recklessness?

  3. Why the surprise and indignation. It is a well known fact that the Corona virus has mutated and is able to easily distinguish the Black Lives Matter crowd.
    Wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.
    Black Lives don’t matter do much.

  4. de Blasio, in his great wisdom, wisely realizes that Covid-19 has far too much respect for the righteous righteousness of the righteous BLM protesters to infect them.

    More seriously, does this blithering idiot have any clue about how allowing just one group to ignore all anti-pandemic rules totally undermines what all doctors and medical personnel are telling us regarding the seriousness of this rampant pandemic?

  5. Its clear that De Blasio (what kind of name is that anyway?) is beholden to his wife. She dictates to him exactly what to do and lets him have it if he doesn’t follow her marching orders. She looks like a tough cookie so in a way I cant blame the mayor….

  6. I don’t understand all of your frustrations. – All De Blasio is saying, is that instead of trying to control these animals let the black lives matter people and all of their supporters get Covid 19, and the world will be a much more peaceful place, without needing the national guard etc…

  7. 1. Clip don’t match headline.

    2. Who allowed this guy to be Mayor?

    When will ppl realize , that like him or not, TRUMP is the antidote to this craziness.

  8. It’s not purely illogical. Imagine if the police would try to enforce social distancing at a black lives matter protest… I think this is just about what is possible to enforce and what isn’t.

    • If he can’t do the job, then he has to resign. A mere middle-aged man and woman with one hand-weapon each (and no protective gear) scared off a whole crowd of these guys (video on the web and in the news), yet the NYPD is helpless?

    • Well then the virus is going to spread regardless because of the ‘protests’, so why ban any gatherings at all? This mayor is a total joke.

  9. Look, what he really means is that if he tells BLM not to protest, they’ll do it anyway. Then he’ll have two choices. If he tells the police to lay off, he’s undermined his own authority. If he tells the police to stop the protests, there will be violent clashes that will cause more harm than any risk of COVID.

    So he’s stuck, but he figures that as long as he’s forced to allow the protests, he might as well score some progressive points.

    I despise de Blasio, but one good thing he’s doing is protecting the controversial statues in NYC. He has police stationed around them to prevent vandalism. He wants an orderly process for deciding the fate of those statues (a committee headed by his wife), and not mob rule. De Blasio is really so awful that I think we should praise him when happens to get something right.

  10. It’s too bad he didn’t reveal this secret earlier, we never would’ve closed down everything, we could’ve gone to minyanim and the like all we needed to do is proclaim Black Lives Matter and we’ll be safe and legal.

  11. Of all of them, Mayor Bill De Blasio is most certainly the one who has most clearly and distinctly stated the massive hyper-hypocrisy. However, ALL of them [of the so-called “mainstream” “establishment” media and medical and leftist Democrat (and some Republican) governors and mayors and other officials], throughout this entire crises, have been loudly blaring the exact same fiendish double standard.

  12. (Continuation of my remark)

    For day after day after day and week after week after week and (it was obvious that they really wanted it to also be) month after month after month and even year after year after year, we were constantly exhorted:




    People were instructed and promised rewards to call the police to report their neighbor who “dared” to commit the “crime” of walking outside. A man who walked out of his house was yelled at by neighbors to get back inside. Another man found the front of his house & driveway blocked off so he could not have gotten out even if he had wanted. Another man by himself on a boat in the ocean was arrested. Another man walking with just one of his children in a park was arrested.

    When — the promise that the Lockdowns were to be only for three weeks was shown to be an outright lie, and — countless good upright people publicly protested against this continuing sadistic shutdown of human life, they were sharply condemned for “spreading the Covid disease” and being “dangers to society.”

    Countless people were not allowed to be anywhere near their parents and other relatives in hospitals who died or to even go to their funerals. One of the leading Gedolay HaDor of our era, the Noveminsker Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Perlow, ZT’L, was Nifter, but adhering to the rules — that we were told were for our sacred safety from the dangerous Covid — his family announced: no public Levaiya.

  13. (Continuation of my remark)

    Then suddenly, Lehavdil, a man named George Floyd was killed (which most certainly was an evil horrific crime, and the wicked policeman who did it is most probably fully Chaiyiv Meesa) — 100,000, yes, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE EASY at his Levaiya!!

    Then the massive avalanche of riots came, with all their abuse of outright decimation of vast swaths of the country. Were ANY of those people “Lockeddown”??????? Were any of them “Staying-in-Place”??????? Were any of them “Social-Distancing”???????


    Was there any true condemnation of them by the media as being “dangers to society” and that they were “spreading the Covid disease”??????? Were they duly arrested???????



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