Dov Hikind: Catch Terrorists With Ethnic Profiling

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hikind-and-huckabeeA Brooklyn lawmaker is seeking drastic measures to combat terror, resurrecting a measure he’s tried to introduce before: ethnic profiling. Assemblyman Dov Hikind is introducing a bill that would make ethnic profiling an acceptable, legal tool for catching terrorists.

“This is the time we need to do the kind of things that we would not do under ordinary circumstances,” Hikind said. “It is to use ethnicity as one, and it’s very clear, as one of the many different things that law enforcement can use.”

Hikind proposed the same thing in 2005 and it never even got to the Assembly floor. In the wake of Friday’s terror scare ,he thinks it could become the law of New York State and eventually the nation.

“Let law enforcement do what it feels is necessary without tying their hands,” Hikind said.

Security Expert Juval Aviv said profiling makes it easier to zero in on the most likely suspects.

“We are harassing thousands of passengers who are going through airports a day that shouldn’t even be looked at more seriously than a second,” Aviv said.

Omar Chaudhry of the Islamic Center of Long Island said that can be done without race or ethnicity becoming a primary factor.

“It should never be a racial profiling. It has to be something that is based on some sort of actionable intelligence on that specific individual,” Chaudhry said.

Some travelers at LaGuardia Airport agreed.

“I don’t like profiling,” said Tia Blanchard of St. Louis.

“I don’t think they can just pull you out based on the way you look. It’s unfair. They need to figure out other measures,” said Mark Cincotta of Westbury.

What some lawmakers and security experts say they want is a more educated public, for people to become better at spotting suspicious behaviors and then be more willing to come forward and report what they see.

Like it or not, Assemblyman Hikind says he plans to reintroduce the profiling bill when the legislative session reconvenes in Albany in January.

Some advocates of ethnic and racial profiling say it is being used in Israel and reportedly on El-Al Airlines and seems to be effective.

{WCBS-TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Dov you are on the mark as usual!!
    This law will never pass since it CERTIFIES that MUSLIMS have been the cause of all terrorist actions.

  2. Good idea, but make sure there are provisions for catching terrorists who don’t look the part, or who have normal sounding names like Richard Reid…

  3. Aint never gonna happen. The USA of today is way to P.C. to ever allow this to happen, unfortunately. The ACLU would have a field day.

  4. All these worthless added restrictions, have caused unnecessary aggravation to all of us Americans! The terrorists HAVE forced us to change our travel modes. They WON!

  5. Ethnic profiling is an effective tool that definitely needs to be put in use.

    There is also the chance that once extra precautions are automatically used with muslims that have a muslim-sounding name, the terrorists will find a way to get a white, christian guy with a name like John Smith to take care of their work…so maybe the TSA needs to keep their guard up about everyone.

  6. Sorry guys, it ain’t a’gonna work. Ask the Brits. What happens is that the terrorists just recruit people who don’t fit the profile. One case in England a number of years ago involved the unsuspecting British friend of a terrorist who was asked to take a cassette recorder on her flight to Europe, but they “forgot” to tell her that the recorder was a bomb meant to blow up the plane (And her too, incidentally. Not a nice trick at all.)

    Look at the idiot who tried to blow up the plane last week. He certainly wasn’t an Arab. The terrorists who mowed down passengers in Lod in 1971 were Japanese, carrying the rifles in their luggage. The Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany were all ethnic Germans. The French had their own local problems too – with ethnic French. Timothy Veigh was an all-American boy.

    As for flying, I’ll take the inconvenience, thanks, and be assured of a better chance of making it to my destination alive, rather than relying on the second-guessing of a bunch of “experts” who don’t even speak Arabic (or Pashto).

  7. Re #7 From Armageddon

    “Do you want to re-enact the Nurnberg

    Enough of your disgusting liberalism.
    Worried about Nurnberg laws? Tell that
    to the Islamic Jihad bigot murderers.

    Mr. Hikind makes a lot of
    We need more public officials
    like Hikind who understand how to
    deal with the enemies of America.

  8. Right on Dov! We should start profiling right now. Then, in a few months, lets move all people of middle eastern descent into one area, so we can watch them. Naturally, they should not be allowed to run businesses.
    The Final Solution to the problem, of course, would be to move them into camps where we can work them to death. Of course, the most expedient way to take care of the problem would be to herd them into chambers disguised as showers and gas them.


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