Watch: Dov Hikind On the Deported Nazi

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  1. Boy are the leftists mad at Trump for deporting this “old man” describing Trump’s “malicious” motives in a tweet: “Deporting a 95-year-old Nazi guard is a really great way to use elder abuse as plausible deniability for your xenophobic white nationalist sympathies.” Another one wrote “Where’s the evidence?”

    Even WaPop Fake News Enemies of the People wrote that the story of the Nazi deportation “has been played up for political advantage”.

  2. Where was Hikind when Trump was running. Why did he not endorse Trump. True he was anti Hillarey but still he should of endorsed Trump or disappeared till after the elections and say nothing. Trump 2020

    • Bingo.
      I didn’t vote for President Trump, but that makes no difference as far as hakoras hatov for the many positive things he’s done for Israel and Rubashkin.

  3. Well now all of you who did not vote for Trump first time around can vote for Trump 2020. No excuses. If you had an ounce of hakoras Hatov you would vote for him.


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