Dow Drops 500 Points After Record-Breaking Rally


Stocks dropped sharply Thursday mo.rning as the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 500 points one day after a historic rally

The Dow, Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 were down roughly 2 percent by 10:25 a.m. Thursday, a day after stocks surged to erase record losses.

The Dow gained a record-high 1,086 points Wednesday and the S&P rose 5 percent to escape from a bear market.

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  1. This whiplash is killing me. Again we have the idiot class buying high (yesterday) and selling low (today). Such idiots! These sick fools should lose all their money so they won’t be able to ever invest in stocks again and leave investing for the mature responsible folks.

  2. Ride the tide folks it is the end of the year and people are thinking of income tax time, for many people were making too much money, have to show some lose to even things out. 2019 market will start climbing again new year starting for income tax purposes. Ride the tide.


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