Dozens Infected With Covid Caught Returning From Uman With Fake Negative Tests

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Dozens of people infected with the coronavirus flew back to Israel from Uman in Ukraine on Thursday using forged negative test results, as plans put in place to safeguard the annual pilgrimage appeared to fall into shambles.

There were concerns that there could be hundreds more such cases among the tens of thousands of pilgrims who traveled to Ukraine to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, with concerns it could kick off a renewed surge in infections, just as the country appeared to be turning the tide on a recent wave.

The virus-infected arrivals who were identified by police on Thursday were transported to their homes for mandatory quarantine in ambulances and will later be prosecuted.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. This is fake news . What happened was that there are mandatory test sites prior to entering Israel. Mogen Dovid Adom gave rapid tests that are not always accurate . These people tested positive there and then went to get a Pcr more accurate test at a different testing center because they assumed it was a false positive. Those accurate tests came back negative, but they are listed as positive in MDA records from the false positive. But since they are Chareidim its easier to make screaming headlines about forgery than to tell the truth .

  2. Stop getting your info from the Times of Israel. There were 3 test stations. One of those stations was set up by Magen David Adom, using a “new trial test” that almost always resulted in a false positive result. Ukrainian police were telling people in that line not to go there. The false positives then got retested in the Red Cross line, using PCR tests and of course tested negative. Magen David Adom then reported all the false positives as positive and the people who retested were fined. Good to see the Times of Israel again falsely attacking religious Jews with their lies. They’ve long surpassed Der Sturmer ym”sh.

  3. As if the PCR tests Israel takes are not fake. It’s 100% fake (The CDC claim there are not tests for CV)! They need a quota of positive and/or infected to scare the public into taking the shots.
    In Israel, almost all people sick with CV got 1, 2 or even 3 shots already. Those who were “infected” with CV and sick most likely already got the 2nd shot.

    And as if the shots taken by the Health Ministers, Prime Ministers, Bennet, Lapid, Bibi, etc. are not fake. They all got saline shots and over 50% doctors refused the shots altogether.


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