Dr. David Pelcovitz on the Greatest Challenge of our Generation


Watch video from Dr. Pelcovitz here.

Please consider a personal plea from 15 gedolim and rabbanim to support GuardYourEyes’ revolutionary efforts in beating this secret epidemic.

Watch their plea here  (includes R’ Shmuel Kamenetsky, R’ Elya Brudny, R’ Yeruchem Olshin, R’ Aharon Feldman, R’ Hershel Schachter, R’ Abraham Twerski…).

Help tens of thousands of Jews break free and come back to life! Could there be a greater zechus for the days of judgment – to share in the teshuvah of so many Jews?


Quotes from the video above from Dr. David Pelcovitz:

“GuardYourEyes already reached over 30,000 people, but from what I see, there are many, many more people who still need to be reached.

We’re dealing with what I think is the greatest challenge of our generation, and I can’t endorse this program strongly enough.

I’ve heard from many, many young men I work with how valuable GuardYourEyes is to them. There’s an incredibly practical online interface and anonymous support for many different levels.

GuardYourEyes gives them a toolbox of coping mechanisms to deal with the challenge of internet pornography. Their programs are informed by the most sophisticated information in neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

People no longer have to be alone with this problem.  You always have somebody at your side, and there doesn’t have to be any shame.

We need to help GuardYourEyes go to the next level of expansion with the same level of professionalism, care and concern. We all should do our best to partner in supporting this wonderful organization.  I strongly endorse supporting Guard Your Eyes in this all important work.” 



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