Dr. Fauci Predicts Safe COVID-19 Vaccine by Year’s End

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is predicting that there will be a coronavirus vaccine developed by the end of the year, but he said won’t be comfortable if the treatments aren’t proven safe through clinical trials. If treatments are allowed through an emergency use authorization issued by the Food and Drug Administration, there must be information showing they are safe, he said.

He also told NBC’s “Today” that he is concerned about the upcoming Labor Day weekend and the approaching flu season.

“I would not be comfortable with a vaccine unless it was shown in a clinical trial clearly to be safe and effective,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, commented. “I’ve been through a number of vaccine trials in which EUAs have ultimately been done, but they’ve been done when there was enough data you would feel comfortable it was safe and effective for the American public.”

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  1. The safe vaccine by years end he’s talking about is President Trump’s hydroxychloroquine which is a vaccine and a cure. Trump would not allow the Fauci – Gates depopulation vaccine to go through.

  2. That Dr. Fauci is stressing that that he wants to have a vaccine that “was shown in a clinical trial clearly to be safe and effective,” certainly seems to be very, very nice of him. However, that (of it going to be “safe and effective”) is certainly NOT what seems to be happening! For, as is well known, the entire development of this new Covid Vaccine is being bewilderingly super-super-rushed on the super-super-fast-track. Major crucial phases of the normal testing protocol — that are absolutely required for the development of ALL medical devices — are here being omitted. When ANYTHING is bewilderingly rushed, it will almost always be done wrong! And if they are not properly fully testing it, then how can they be sure that it truly is “safe and effective”???

    It is thus quite understandable that many people who usually ARE PRO-VACCINATIONS have said that they will not take this one! And recent polls taken on the issue showed that only 42% of respondents — that is obviously well less than half — said that they would take it.


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