Dr. Fauci Says He And Family Experienced ‘Serious Threats’ During Pandemic

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Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, said Thursday that he has received “serious threats” to himself and his family since he became one of the public faces of the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The doctor said that the anger has appeared on a different level than when he began his work during the HIV crisis.

“I’ve seen a side of society that I guess is understandable but it’s a little bit disturbing…,” Fauci told CNN’s David Axelrod on his “The Axe Files” podcast.

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  1. Fauci has been indicted for genocide with Gates. Besides, Fauci himself threatened the newly elected President Trump in Jan 2017 with an epidemic “greater than the one in 1918” and now he himself is worried about a threat against him. Fauci is b”H “under control” and is following what is asked from him to save his skin – for the moment. When done, will probably be shipped off to Gitmo, like Mr and Mrs Gates and the rest of the Deep State criminals.

  2. This weird guy has his own PR dept. He’s been at his job 37 years and now he hustles all talk shows and babbles inconsistencies.
    He’s never treated a live patient.He was against drugs during AIDS and now opposes Hydroxycholoquine because it costs .$.30 .
    He needs to be grabbed by his neck and tossed into the nearest garbage dump.

  3. So Hashem is asking for a new guy. Good. New opinion opted. A good place to start a knit job or just pent up your garden. Time up.

  4. He should speak to Maxine Waters and tell her to rescind her call for harassment against WHITE people that work for President Trump.


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