Dr. Oz: Lockdowns Killing Far More Than Infected

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The global coronavirus pandemic killed more people than those inflicted with COVID-19, because those sick of other ailments were “so scared” they avoided healthcare and ultimately died without treatment, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“For March, April and May we have 122,000 more deaths then typical [in the United States],” Dr. Oz told host John Catsimatidis on Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM, adding, “a lot of these deaths were not people who had COVID-19 necessarily, but they died because of the pandemic.

“There are secondary effects, changes in population behavior, when you lock down a country. And when people are so scared that they have an aversion to the healthcare system, then they won’t go to the hospital when they’re having chest pain. And, therefore, the heart attack that takes their life will be allowed to happen.

“They’ll suffer from conditions that could’ve been treated in a timely fashion. But by the time we get to them, it’s too late.”

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  1. This doesn’t include the number of people that will die at a younger age due to poverty later on.
    It’s well know that poverty kills.

  2. Putting aside the fact that the heart attack might have been myocarditis caused by covid19, the hospitals are no longer operating on former QALY criteria, let alone standard of care. Why would I go to hospital to die when I can die all the same in the comfort of my home? What is needed is a clear and open debate, and for Jews we should have halacha guidelines for those difficult times, for out-of-pocket and for insured patients.

    • > myocarditis caused by covid19

      The topic is people so scared of COVID-19 that they would not even see a medical professional. One seriously doubts that such a person has exposed him/herself to the virus.

  3. I had never heard of him and I googled. OH! An alternative medicine practictioner endorsed by President Trump. I would never have expected that he downplays the fact that other countries, including democracies (e.g. New Zealand) successfully controlled the epidemic and thus were able to offer routine medical care with minimal disruptions.

  4. You never heard of Dr. Oz? He is a well known cardiologist and has a famous TV show. He is not an alternative practitioner.

    • JJ: I am sorry, I had not had a TV for a long time. Recently I brought in my house a TV of my father’s, but no one is watching it much. Wikipedia says he is an alternative practitioner, which does not mean a quack, in fact (for whatever little my opinion is worth) I believe alternative medicine has an important role alongside mainstream treatments, as long as it does not delude people into taking ineffective remedies in place of proven one, or into doing something dangerous or harmful. Many alternative cures may not (yet) have scientific validation but do have efficacy e.g. acupuncture, and even if completely ineffective, the placebo effect is well-known.
      However, I believe my point remains. The epidemic should have been controlled regardless of how unpopular were the necessary measures, and this would have saved countless lives, both among the virus victims and among those suffering with other diseases.
      Note that an authoritarian country like the Popular Republic of China has always allowed “red” cases (positive with symptoms) to go for planned health appointments of an urgent nature, just with the mandatory cellphone app alerting other nearby people of their status, and the medical office being alerted of their upcoming arrival and medical needs. Thus, people went to cardiologist and oncologist appointments, for dialysis etc, while people who previously never had issues but felt unwell could call an ambulance (after a few frantic days the system was not overwhelmed) or, if feeling well enough, call police and get a temporary authorization to go on their own. Of course people, if possible, postponed. But if they felt it was urgent, they went. May I say that top medical assistance for the rich is the same anywhere in the world, but ordinary medicine for ordinary citizens, in PRC, is far from awesome. When a first-rate medical system such as the USA is not having the trust of the patients / customers, to the point they think medical professionals and their staff would be so asinine that they catch a known infectious disease in addition to the condition they already have, something is very wrong and it should be addressed.

      • This whole Corona hoax is one big political football. Democrats are fear mongering and restrictions. Republicans are for optimism and freedoms. When this same Dr. Oz was criticizing President Trump last year, oh he was an instant hero to all left wing pundits and talking heads. Dr. Oz was their go to guy. Now that he is saying things which line up with what our President is saying, suddenly he’s a quack and an ignoramus who cheated his way thru college. This is a perfect example of why any American with a half a brain HATES the corrupt biased media and government officials. If you are one of those guillibe ones who believes everything the government media complex feeds you,….good luck. You’re on your own.


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