Dr. Rav Shlomo Amar

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The Bar Ilan University of Ramat Gan, Israel’s second largest academic institution, granted a doctorate to former Rishon Letzion and present Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim Shlomo Amar, which gives him license to add “Dr.” to his name if he so pleases.

“His seforim reveal immense sharpness and rare erudition and innovative power both in Tanach and in the realms of the Oral Torah, in both halacha and aggadah,” the doctorate stated. “As president of the Beis Din Hagadol, his value sensitive judgments always strove to reach a halachically correct and humane conclusion.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. It’s Rav Dr. Not Dr. Rav. In the tradition of the Hildeshiemer, one received Smicha, and a Phd. They were called Rav Dr. For example, Rav Dr. Josef Hirsch Dunner.


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