Draft Law Has Led to Decline in Chareidi Enlistment in IDF

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idf-chareidi-2Sources in the IDF have expressed concern over an apparent loss of motivation for enlistment into the military’s religious brigade, Nachal Chareidi. The officials noted a sharp decline in the number of charedim recruited in recent draft rounds, Yediot report.

The IDF says that the outcry over the new draft law has pushed chareidim away from the military and back into yeshiva.

According to official IDF statistics as reported by Yediot, only 140 fighters enlisted in Nachal, 30 percent less than the number of fighters recruited in the previous round. In November 2013, 200 soldiers were joined the infantry brigade, while August saw the highest number of enlisted chareidi men recorded – 226 soldiers.

As a result of the recent decline in the recruitment figures, the IDF decided to suspend the inception of an additional chareidi battalion, according to Yediot.

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  1. I must remark that my comment number 1 was abbreviated by Matzav editor staff. I would not make any real comment except that the statement alone is not cleverly worded without the rest of the paragraph. The oars are not the orthodox but their worry. And the privilege is not the IDF, but the right to serve as Servants of Hashem.

    Why Matzav edits a post I will never know.

    I am an orthodox jew and I find that the rehearsal of problems in the market place can be avoided when the curtains are not pulled on the friendships of human trust.

    Sorry but it is against a Torah Value to constantly edit a conversation for your personal satisfaction or to avoid hearing an “alternate” conditional condition.

    Let Hashem filter the internet with his values, not the scared trials of an unsolved heart.

    Never Again.


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