Drinking Beverages, Eating While Driving May Soon Get You Ticketed In New Jersey

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Drinking coffee or eating behind the wheel could soon get you in trouble in New Jersey, reports CBS NEW YORK.

New Jersey State Assemblyman John Wisniewski is sponsoring a bill that goes beyond punishing drivers for texting and driving. “Reading newspapers, opening maps while driving a car,” he said while listing dangerous driving habits.

Violators could face a $200 to $600 for the first offense and a $400 to $600 fine for a second offense. A third offense could get your license suspended. Read more.




  1. It’s about time! Everyone knows that the driver is too distracted by any of these activities, not only merely talking on the cellphone, to drive safely. What happens when the phone or cup or sandwich slip out of his hand? The driver does everything to avoid the said items from falling, at the expense of steering, watching the road, and being alert to potential dangers. The driver can also easily swerve by accidentally moving the steering wheel. It’s an unfortunate reality that people aren’t exactly overly responsible and these measures are necessary to ensure public safety.

  2. what happens when a person just wants to drink water or coke while driving!
    this is so ridiculous. i hope it doesn’t pass!!

  3. So now, if you have an open bottle of water in your cup holder, any cop will be able to “assume” that you were drinking water while driving and issue the $600 ticket?!
    Of course, cops themselves will be able to eat their cheeseburgers and doughnuts while driving, all with impunity.

  4. Big government getting their grubby hands into our pockets again. Hillary will only encourage such corruption.


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