Driver That Hit R’ Reuven Chaim Biller z”l Was Texting At The Time

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The 17-year-old driver who collided with the vehicle of R’ Reuven Chaim Biller z”l is reported to have been texting at the time of the crash.

The automobile accident took place last week on Harris Bushville Road in front of Harris Hospital/Catskill Regional Medical Center in the Catskills. According to sources, the teenage driver was looking at his cell phone when he veered into R’ Reuven Chaim’s lane, hitting the beloved head counselor of Camp Pupa head-on.

R’ Reuven Chaim was initially trapped in his vehicle, requiring a lengthy extrication effort on the part of emergency personnel at the scene, and he was transported to the hospital in critical condition where he passed away a short while later.

There has been no word yet about what charges are being pressed against the young driver, who could face years in prison for manslaughter.



  1. Lets be honest before we incriminate the driver and ask ourselves, “How many times have we checked our phones for texting, adjusting the maps or checking traffic patterns?” If we have then we are just as culpable as this poor kid!

    • I’ve never done any of the above.

      If you do any of those things I sure hope you get ticketed heavily and lose your license.

        • I am another anonymous and I dont text or read email while I am driving and my vehicle is moving. Maybe I am addicted, and I ask my family to read them and answer the phone or sometimes I stop, but I dont put my own life and others’ very stupidly at risk.

          If we check the phone at a red light or a standstill or traffic jam, this is against the law and we can get a fine. If we do so while actually driving, there should be no need for a law, it is our own life (+ others’). Should be quite straightforward.

      • If you negligently engage in dangerous activities, then you’re responsible for the outcome. Obviously, not every incident of distracted driving is created equal. Glancing at Waze is not the same thing as send a 20 letter text. This kid obviously was distracted enough to swerve into the wrong lane for no apparent reason other than being distracted. I’m not saying kill the kid, but a prison sentence seems clearly appropriate.

  2. Every driver who causes a fatal accident while driving distracted, driving drunk, or driving impaired had the exact same mindset prior to the accident: “It won’t happen to me”. Every single one.

  3. I see this everyday people staring at their phones while driving… is an addiction plain and simple. it has destroyed our lives in many ways and now the lives of others as well……what a tragedy. (I once saw a young girl next to me by a red light staring at her phone. she thought the light turned green and only realized when she was in the middle of the road. she was horrified and froze. she was very lucky no other cars were coming….מעשים בכל יום)


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