Drug Bust In Bais Yisroel

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A number of police cars arrived to search a house in the Bais Yisroel rea In Yerushalayim due to suspicions it was actually a drug lab.

Men from the Mir Yeshiva living near the apartment told reporters that they have been suspicious of unusual activity for some time, since they recently noticed two youths riding motorcycles on a weekly basis.

According to them, the same motorcycle riders allegedly met with thugs on the outskirts of the neighborhood, to whom they had transferred the drugs.

The police refused to give details on the search.



  1. This is an old story. My husband (who is currently 40) recalls that when he was in the Mir, there was certainly undercover drug dealings right in that same area. They used the neighborhood guise as a great way to cover up their operations assuming authorities would never be suspecting. It wasnt Mir bochurim.


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