Druze Arab Saves Sefer Torah


Druze firefighter Wiam Nevoani risked his life to save a Sefer Torah from a burning shul in Nahariya.

“There was a huge fire there, a firestorm, the whole building surrounded with smoke,” he told Channel 20. “We began to put out the fire and quickly got it under control… As we were working, I noticed a Sefer Torah and I and immediately jumped onto it, grabbed it, and brought it outside. As I brought it outside, I felt like I was holding a soul, as if I was saving a person, saving a baby.

“The warmth emanating from the Sefer simply touched my heart, and for a few seconds I wondered and thought to myself of the words written in the Sefer.

“Ultimately, I just did my job,” he said.

{Matzav.com Israel}


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