Dubai Security Chief Says Palestinians Should Give Up Statehood Aspirations


ubai’s security chief, Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, said that the Palestinians should drop their aspirations for statehood.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Tamim suggested that any future Palestinian state would become yet another failed Arab state, and that the Palestinians should form a binational state with Israeli Jews instead.

“I suggest relinquishing the idea of a Palestinian state and being satisfied with an Israeli state that would include both Israelis and Palestinians and join the Arab League,” Tamim wrote, according to a translation by the Jerusalem Post.

“Today, the Jews are heading the world’s economy, without the Jews you Arabs would not have known how to deposit your money in the bank,” Tamim added.

Despite his high-ranking position in the United Arab Emirates, Tamim has a history of making outspoken remarks that go against the official position of his highly conservative government. In 2013, Tamim stated that the Muslim Brotherhood, and not Israel, was the Arab world’s greatest threat.

Though he called on the Palestinians to drop their goal of statehood, Tamim said that eventually Arabs would become the majority in the future binational state.

“Seventy years after the binational state would be established, the Arab minority would become the majority and rule the state, just like it happened in South Africa,” said Tamim.

Tamim also conducted an informal poll on his Twitter page asking his followers if they agree with him, but as of Monday afternoon, 59 percent of respondents said that they prefer to “throw the Jews into the sea.”




  1. Once again, Lt. Tamim isn’t so Tamim. He is merely using the “wait ’till we become the majority” tactic to destroy the Jews. A slower version than that of Haman, but just as lethal.

    Of course, עצו עצה ותופר – HKB”H is currently allowing the Jewish birthrate to increase to a higher rate than expected and the Arab birthrate to decrease to a lower rate than expected and his 70-year plan will BE”H never occur.


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