Dudi Knopfler – Official Music Video


Song & video sponsored by:
Kalmen Yoel
Sofer & Family
לע״נ their close friends מרדכי זאב ע”ה בן יצחק
יודא נ”י ברייער that passed away last year after struggling with cancer for years,
may this song give חיזוק & אמונה for all the sick people & there families!

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Song composed by – Shloime Nechamya Rosenberg לע״נ his grandfather
אלכסנדר משה בן אשר לעמיל ע״ה

Song Produced and Mixed by Ephraim Berkowitz at Keybird studios Monroe NY

Drums and percussion Barak Ben Tzur
Guitar Avi Singolda
Saxophone Avigdor Gluck
Bass /keys /programming Ephraim Berkowitz

Choir recorded in Israel By Israel Oerbach

Video by: MUDEO productions

Filmed and Edited by:
Yissy Freeman

A Special thanks to the Riezman chased group for helping out with this amazing Video!

To book Dudi for your event contact
Phone: 845-213-7910





  1. The video was scary, unsettling, & inappropriate. I think a “warning viewer discretion is advised” should be put up there. I realize these are actors and they are pretty good at what they are doing but I was not prepared for what I saw. Instead if feeling relaxed and uplifted after watching this, I feel confused and unsettled. Not everything has to be in your face. Just my opinion.

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