During Moscow Visit, Netanyahu Received Special Gift From Putin — a Nearly 500-Year-Old Copy of Josephus’ The Jewish War

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Israeli Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu received a special gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow on Thursday — a nearly 500-year-old copy of Roman-Jewish historian Josephus’ book The Jewish War.

The copy given to Netanyahu at the Kremlin on Thursday was printed in Italy in 1526.

The Israeli prime minister said he was “moved” by Putin’s gesture.

The Jewish War is an account of the Great Revolt — the uprising of the Jews of the Judea Province against the Roman Empire in the first century CE.

“This is without a doubt an important book in the historical heritage of our people,” Netanyahu said. “This book greatly influenced my beloved father, Professor Benzion Netanyahu z”l, and I read it for the first time when I was 16.”

Netanyahu further stated that Putin’s gift would be handed over to the National Library of Israel.

Watch a video of Putin presenting the book to Netanyahu below:

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  1. And how did putin get a hold of that? Most of the Russian national archives/treasurers were ahem expropriated aka stolen.

  2. Your heart sneezed. Josephus was relatively ignored by observant Jews. They “kashered it” with the Yossipon. They certainly wouldn’t by the Greek original or the Latin version, with all the Akum interpolations. This is the Latin translation. The Archives probably acquired it after Russia began to regain its Polish-Lithuanian occupied territories (1772/1793). The “Haskala” was still only a promiscuous thought, in very few Jewish minds.


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