Duvid Kaufman – Racheim – Single

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Song composed and performed by Duvid Kaufman

Duvid Kaufman, recently moved from Israel to New York, is a singer that truly performs with heart and soul, inspiring others with his serene voice.

Duvid is known already in the community for a local hartziga Baal Tefila & Performing for your Shabbes getaway and chupa’s , Combined with his soft sound and strong musical skills.

In this project, Duvid is delivering his composition, a song that truly presents the time being ; The yearning of moshiach and the geula,

Song credits.

Drums & Percussion: Avi Avidani
Guitar : Avi Singolda
Bass Amd Keys : Ephraim Berkowitz
Saxophone : Avigdor Gluck
Brass : Dani Flam
Strings : Burech Gross
Kids choir and solos by Yossi Glick
(Shevach studio NY)
Solo Kids: moshy Brown and Yossi Goldminzer
Adult Choir Recorded By Yisrael Oerbach ( Israel )
Song Produced By :Ephraim Berkowitz
Keybird Studios (Monroe NY)

To Book Duvid for your event Please call.


רחם בחסדך, על עמך צרנו, על ציון משכן כבודך, זבול בית תפארתנו,
בן דוד עבדך , יבוא ויגאלנו,
רוח אפנו, משיח ה׳
קום שוין , קום שוין , און לייז אונז שוין אויס
קום שוין , קום שוין , און לייז אונז שוין אויס


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