Earth Hits Production Limit for 2015


An employee works on a digger to remove waste at the Malagrotta landfill near Rome, December 6, 2013. Italian businessman Manlio Cerroni thinks a monument would be a fitting recognition of his services to Rome. Instead, the 86-year-old, who spent 60 years building a global empire and a personal fortune on trash, is facing trial on a string of charges. Picture taken on December 6, 2013. To match Insight ITALY-TRASH/ REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi ( ITALY - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT BUSINESS) - RTR3QSBOThursday marks Earth Overshoot Day when the total consumption of humans outreaches the ability of the planet’s ability to make those resources for the year.

This date has come earlier every year since 1970 when it was December 23.

The Global Footprint Network says that the day does not denote a complete exhaustion of the year’s resources but rather a dipping into the earth’s savings bank.

Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, part of the network, says the “metabolism of the Earth” is accelerating too fast but he’s encouraged by the efforts of countries to reduce their consumption. Read more at National Geographic.

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  1. That’s totally ridiculous. Why are billions paid to farmers in the US in order not to plant? If we would make use of what we have, we’d be fine. If we stop driving our garbage thousands of miles in order to dump it, we’d save a lot of gas.

    I once threw out an EZPass and the next month had to figure out why I was charged a toll in Pennsylvania (I live in NY). It was clear that my garbage was being shipped a long way in order to appease the conservationuts.The metabolism of the earth is fine and getting better as Israeli irrigation systems become more widespread, At least this distracts Obama from doing more damage to the US since it’s more of a problem than the Muslims.

  2. So far no one died because of overshoot. It is plain propaganda. If you believe it you should consider suicide to save the planet.

  3. Why do we swallow all the malarkey the media feeds us without even thinking twice such ridiculousness, they don’t even have the ability to get close to figuring out how much resources the world has they have no clue no idea they can’t even show you how they got to this number in a coherent way this is your propaganda by people who have nothing to do with their time and are out to make a name for themselves


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