Earth-Like Planet Discovered Close to Solar System

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In an article published by Nature World News today, researchers announced the discovery of a new “Earth-like” planet orbiting a star not far from our sun. The planet has not been named yet, but was found circling the star Proxima Centauri—a “cool, tiny red dwarf” scientists have long suspected might be capable of having a planet in its orbit.
The unnamed planet, known as Proxima b, is reported to orbit within Proxima Centauri’s “habitable zone” and is a only a short distance of 4.25 light-years away from Earth.
Scientists estimate the planet receives enough radiation to retain a surface temperature of around -40° Fahrenheit. Based on what is known about other red dwarf star planets, Proxima b is likely rocky and has one side constantly left in darkness. Scientists are unsure whether it is in fact capable of supporting alien life, but it is believed it could have a surface “capable of holding liquid water” and sustaining life forms. Read more AT THE WASHINGTON POST.


  1. Does not get any closer. There are no closer stars and star-systems.

    But there are various suitable rocks in our own solar system, within a couple of light-hours from home.

  2. No planet is like earth. Only on this planet earth is life in the form of humans animals or plants found. Don’t be fooled by the evolutionist fools. Milk comes from cows that eat grass and fiction comes from evolutionists who smoke grass.

    • The possibility of extraterrestrial life is discussed by the Sefer Habris, who writes extraterrestrial life exists, based on Melachim 5:23. These beings have no bechirah, however. Man is the only creature that does.

  3. All those dreaming of planets where life exists are watching too much television. There is no life other than earth. You can classify yourself as open orthodox if you believe this Hollywood nonsense.


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