Education Ministry to Chareidim: Four Months and It’s All Over

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yair-lapid-and-shai-pironIsrael’s Education Ministry will allow the charedi school system four months to reach an understanding with the State regarding core studies – or else the government will impose State school guidelines on the charedi schools, including tests examining schools’ efficiency and growth measures, known as Meitzav tests, according to Yediot.

The ministry is expected to announce its decision to the Supreme Court today in reply to a petition filed by the Israel Religious Action Center in 2010.

In the near future, says Yediot, talks will be opened between the sides in effort to reach an accord to avoid conflicts with the charedi sector.

{ Israel News Bureau}

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  1. Has anyone stopped and considered that Charidim seem to be receiving treatment that would make Jim Crow laws look tolerant and open minded.
    Is the gap between religious and secular communities that big? or is there an agenda? Either way nebach.

  2. The definition of the Meitzav tests in this article is a joke. They have nothing to do with “school efficiency and growth measures” and everything to do with imposing the State’s worldview on chareidi schools.

  3. 4 months is a long time, in Eretz Yisroel. Who knows what could happen during that time? The whole Government can collapse & laughing guy, Piron, won’t even be in power! With the situation in the Middle East heating up, a war can break out R”L at any moment! The 3 weeks are starting very soon. Let’s hope we hear Bisuros Tovos coming from Eretz Yisroel & the Kavod of Torah should be raised!

  4. We are witnessing a new form of government. Dictatorship by majority. Democracy is rule of the people -NOT rule of the majority. Majority is just a tool for democracy.

  5. A. This issue is specific to schools that are funded by the state.
    B. The meitzav rules have been in place for years and used across all state funded and most private schools in EY. They weren’t made up last month specifically for chareidim
    C. ‘ call a spade a spade”: having lived inEY your comment is amazing as this is exactly what the secular majority of Israel have been upset about the chareidim for the past 20years while we were in power. How can a minority assert its power over the majority. Now, not only are the seculars the majority but democratically they have the numbers in Knesset too.


  6. The bullyboy” tactics will fail.
    The pressure from Piron will backfire as will a similar strategy by Lapid to bring about the forced enlistment of Yeshiva Bochurim.
    Respectful dialogue is the only way to achieve anything positive.

  7. We will not compromise on how we educate our Jewish children. We don’t need the Zionist Entity dictating what we will teach our children.

  8. #9 Maybe have A bit of Seychel

    The majority of Israel is/would be far from secular,
    except the dominant secular minority that controls and manipulates just about everything ,even your Seychel

  9. It took a ‘so-called’ religious party (Bayit Yehudi) to now cause all the problems for the chareidim and religious, in general. These phonies’ goal are now working hard to bring down the chareidim. Hope all those who were foolish enough to vote for them are now feeling such remorse and regret and maybe learned something from their stupidity. The writing was on the wall when Bennett did not want to detach himself from Lapid, the arrogant entertainer.


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