Egypt’s Brotherhood: Zionists Destabilize Arab Countries


mohammed-badieAs thousands of supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood stood their ground in Cairo on Sunday, the movement’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie accused Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of “committing massacres the likes of which we have only seen committed by the bitter Zionist enemies and their treacherous agents.”

Badie further added that “Zionist fingers are at play in countries of the Arab Spring, so as to fulfill the vision of the Great Israel.”

The Muslim Brotherhood representative added that Sisi was worse than Paroh, who killed children of believers and let women live, as Sisi and his soldiers, Badie stressed “are worse; you kill everybody.”

Badie added that the current regime twisted the truth in such a manner that communication with Gaza is considered a crime while communication with the ‘Zionist enemy’ is considered an honor. Read more here.

{ Israel}


  1. How can “zionists” who only want to live in PEACE in Israel destabalize arab countries.

    Please tell me how that could possibly make any sense to anyone with an inkling of intelligence.


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