Ehud Barak is “Matir” Kol Isha

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barakDefense Minister Ehud Barak told soldiers in the process of conversion that they need not give up listening to kol isha even if rabbonim tell them that it is assur. Barak, the newfound posek , claimed to have found support for this from words of Rav Ovadia Yosef, who ruled in the past regarding the permissibility in certain cases to hear the singing of a woman over a radio.

Minister Barak was a guest along with the soldiers of the Netiv military conversion course at a program broadcast on Army Radio on Erev Yom Tov. Regarding certain standards of tznius, in response to a question from a soldier., Barak said, ” Don’t be too stringent in this regard. You have approval from the defense minister to listen to women who sing nicely. We should not give up too much of these things. We also have to live.”

It should be noted that Chacham Ovadia Yosef’s ruling that Defense Minister Barak quoted referred to radio broadcasts and not live performances which Barak alluded to.

Chairman of the Vaad Harabbonim L’inyonei Giyur, Rav Nachum Eisenstein, neeman beiso of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, lambasted the Defense Minister, saying that his words prove once again that the conversion done as part of military service in the IDF is worthless and should be done away with.

{Yair Israel}


  1. what’s the kesher between the minister’s comments on KOL Isha and convertion?
    could you imagine if we threw out every individual who held a lienent opinion somewhere in halacha?!?!?!?
    i’m going on this statement
    “saying that his words prove once again that the conversion done as part of military service in the IDF is worthless and should be done away with.”
    maybe th econvertion process is done properley,
    but the Rabbi suggests we should through it out becuase…of what the defence minister holds li’gabi kashrus,kol isha, shabbos…
    doesn’t make sence….
    you want to make a statement to get rid of the convertion process from the army, then bring kasha’s on that, not on what colour the guy’s shirt is.

  2. yes barak, we have to live. Marneh torah marbeh chayim. Too bad you’re living like an animal.

    Eat, enjoy, fress, life’s a party! – just keep eating up every last bit of zchusim you have, so the ribono shel olam will owe you nothing

  3. #3, actually he fought with his life, on behalf of all of klal yisroel as a soldier and commander so maybe you should just go back to your little hole on new utrecht avenue and keep quiet.

  4. Hashem is so fast to slap Barak this is whats being reported at many news stations, “Barak warns against further harming Israel-Turkey relations” he is going to get it real hard for trying to change the Torah laws

  5. TO #5-SORRY but he didnt “FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE ON BEHALF OF KLAL YISROEL”,how do i know??? Ask him to lend you $1000, I guarrantee you he wont.However if he “RISKS HIS LIFE” for the SAKE OF KLAL YISROEL then he must LOVE his fellow jew.PROOF he doesnt love his “FELLOW JEW”- he’s fighting for his prestige,and its worth his EGO even if it means risking his life!!!!!!!

  6. TO #1
    the reason why the army conversions should be done away with is because if this is how they are converting them then this is not a conversion at least in my torah it says that you have to be mikabel all taryag mitzvos and if you convert excluding kol isha then its not a conversion

  7. #7 , untill you stick your neck out on the front lines of battle leading troops ina warzone fighting lemaan eretz yisroel and the people in it, HOW DARE YOU judge and say such thing asbout a person who RISKED HIS LIFE so that you can go take a vacation or learn for the year in israel?

  8. #9,
    another MO that forgot Klal yisroel has always depended on hashem even when they didn’t have an Army in the times of Mordechai hatzaddik or chezkiyahu hamelech. But now we have tzahal so we don’t need Hashem ch”sh. That is called Kochi vi’otzem Yadi oseh li es hachail hazeh, and is the beginning of Klal Yisroel downfall not it’s salvation. MO can be defined as Judaism without G-d. Same Shabbos, same tefillin, Same kashrus, but you just can’t depend on G-d any more, you gotta do the job yourself, right? The guy that spends his life in kollel at less than minimum wage, with a brilliant mind that would put most doctors and university professors to shame even though he could have have gone to university abd learned the same kefira and maybe had a better parnassah does more for kal yisroel than Barak ever did. A mechallal shabbos, boi’al nidos, ochlai nevailos vitraifos that serves in the army for his own ego and so that he can belittle chareidim has done no great service to Klal Yisroel. We serve Israel better by moving to Los Angeles and not defiling the Holyland.

  9. #10, how thick are you? mo forget that we depend on hashem???
    have you forgotten (whatever you are ) that we have always had an army? throughout tanach and the dark ages / middle ages/ etc ad hayom hazeh?
    and even if you eanna tayneh that indeed “hakol diyedei shamayim” of course that s not with out hishtadlus (do your kids wait for their zivug to fall from the sky or are you mishtadel? gimme a break!) Barack risked his life for all of us. theres no arguing that fact.
    Noone ever said that tzahal replaces hshem. it is indeed sad that everyone in tzahal knows tanach baal peh. how many yungerleit in lakewood can say the same? huh?
    The entire tanach has kosher food. why should they if as you say they dont beleivei n hashem? are you nuts?
    for every brilliant guy in kollel, there are 10 others who dont belong there. guess what? there are brilliant hesder students too – who learn rings around half the american kolel students and then also train to defend all of klal yisroel at the drop of hat. how selfish are youi that your obviously patheti and close minded uprbringing and education has brought you to such a harshs level of misguided ignorance and sinas chinam?
    hashem should blessyou with the clarity necessary to gain the wisdom you sorely lack.


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