Eichenstein, Felder, And Yeger Endorse Robert Cornegy For Brooklyn Borough President

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Councilman Robert Cornegy, who is running for Brooklyn borough president, picked up challah and kokosh cake at Taam Eden Bakery while he was taking a walk Friday afternoon down 13th Avenue with supporters Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, State Senator Simcha Felder, and City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who all endorsed Cornegy, who represents the 36th district.
Mr. Cornegy greeted many busy Boro Parkers, including many who were stopping into Center Fresh Supermarket for some last-minute Shabbos groceries.
Assemblyman Eichenstein, State Senator Felder, and Councilman Yeger did not just join Mr. Cornegy to meet and greet in the neighborhood, but as the neighborhood’s Jewish elected officials, they provided strong endorsements for his frontrunning candidacy for Brooklyn borough president for the community to remember in the election on June 22.
“Robert Cornegy has spent his life fighting for Brooklyn,” said Assemblyman Eichenstein who added that he was “proud to support” the councilman. “As a former chairman of the city’s Committee on Small Business, Mr. Cornegy understands the struggles of my constituents during COVID.
“Robert has worked with me to improve the safety of Brooklynites and their quality of life. He is the most qualified and passionate candidate for borough president.
“Now more than ever we need a proven leader who can lead the recovery effort. Robert’s track record is impressive. As borough president, he can unite the people of Brooklyn and make this borough better than ever.”
Councilman Yeger also expressed his enthusiasm for Mr. Cornegy by saying, “One of jobs of the borough president is to be a bridge-builder: connecting the diverse people of our diverse borough.
More than any other candidate in this race, Robert Cornegy has spent his life standing up to bigots and hatemongers. In a time of rising hate crimes and heinous acts of violent bigotry, I know that Robert is the powerful voice we need to stand up for those being pushed down: to keep all Brooklynites safe.
“I know this because I’ve seen him do it. He has always stood up for our community, and I’m proud to stand up for him.”
State Senator Felder said, “As we try to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we need someone right now, to get Brooklyn back on track and make sure no one is left behind.
Robert Cornegy has devoted his career in public service to advocating for the rights and quality of life improvements for all Brooklynites.
“His commitment to all residents of Brooklyn is what makes him an exceptional candidate for borough president.”
As the four elected officials said, “Hello” and “Good Shabbos” to Boro Parkers, in return, many people on the street, many of whom recognized Mr. Cornegy, wished him a lot of success.
What did people most commonly say to Councilman Cornegy, who stands almost seven-feet tall?
“We look up to you.”


    • When Esther hamalka requested that Mordechai order everyone to fast on Pesach (that was when she went in to achashverosh), Mordechai responded that it’s ossur to be gozer taanit on Pesach. Esther responded, if we will not fast now and be mevatel this gezerah, there will be no yehudim to hold the torah. Mordechai acquiesced.

      Perhaps we can say the same now. We need support for antisemitism, Perhaps this should overshadow his stance on to’eva etc. I think it’s Rav Sternbuch (don’t quote me on this) that ruled that every non-yehudi is chashud on arayut, including mixed marriage, and that this is not a disqualifier.

  1. OK, I get making bad moves just to be able to survive in a Democrat sewer hole named NYC, but why continue staying in a Democrat sewer hole?! It’s a big country, with plenty of locations with conservative state and local governments, lower tax burden, less crime, and better overall quality of life. All the yeshivos and community institutions can move, and a cost of moving and rebuilding will be made up in about a decade through the overall higher after-tax income for the entire community. Find nice rural areas in no-state-income-tax states, move there, and never vote for a Democrat again.

    • Which rural area is zoned for the transfer of tens of thousands of frum people?

      Anyway to answer the question in general terms, read Rav Shimon Scwabs articles about why the Yekkes never left Washington Heights despite the high crime and no possibility of owing a house there.

      • 10:16, there are plenty of affordable lots and houses available, zoned with about one house per 1 to 5 acres. Which is perfect if the strategy is to create spread-out communities as opposed to high-density buildup.
        There are plenty of such lots in rural areas within under an hour drive from major metropolitan centers, so that people can still access medical services and parnosa opportunities.
        Regarding Rav Schwab articles you mentioned, I am not sure what you are referring to, but didn’t he himself live in Monsey, which during his life-time was pretty rural with trees and open spaces and yiden all knowing each other, exactly as I envision a perfect community, and didn’t become a high-density traffic jam until later decades.

  2. Maybe if all frum Yidden voted straight Republican, a Republican might win!?! The community is so brainwashed to vote “only” for DemocRATs. One of my granddaughters, upon graduating Bais Yaakov in NY was told to register as a DemocRAT because, her teacher said “If you’re not a DemocRAT in NY, you can’t vote”. There is stupid and there is stupid!

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