Eichler: No Difference Between Torah of Chacham Ovadiah, Rav Shteinman and Belzer Rebbe

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yisroel-eichlerMK Yisroel Eichler says that those in Israel who want yeshiva bochurim to join the army have other motives.

“I hope the prime minister understands that he must fulfill his agreement to the coalition and he would not think to punish those who learn Torah,” said Eichler, a member of the UTJ faction in the Knesset.

Rabbi Eichler sounds determined and perturbed. “The idea that those who learn Torah will be punished by denying civil rights, with arnona and mortgages and things like that? Since the Communists, we haven’t seen anything like it.”

It appears that United Torah Judaism and Shas, the two ultra-Orthodox parties, are united in their opposition to the Prime Minister’s plan.

“We have the full cooperation of Shas on most things, because there is no difference between the Torah of Rav Ovadia Yosef, Maran Rav Steinman or the Belzer Rebbe and other gedolei Yisroel. There is one Torah. ”

In Eichler’s eyes, the goal of the draft law is simple: “They do not want children to learn Torah. They do not want them in the army. I said to someone that if I would now promise to remove the kippot (yarmulkas) from 1,000 talmidim, they wouldn’t want those same kids in the army. That (the removal of their kippot) would be enough for them.”

Eichler added, “I do not see a situation in which Shas would remain in the government without United Torah Judaism.

“I firmly believe that Shas and United Torah Judaism will remain united. If the gedolim say to quit [the government over this], they will all quit. ”

Eichler was asked if he also consults with Rav Ovadia Yosef: “We meet Rav Yosef at all times, with great joy, and we are received with great care. I do not think that Eli Yishai visits the Ashkenazi gedolim such as the Belzer Rebbe and Rav Steinman any more than we meet with Rav Ovadia Yosef, and there is no problem about it. ”

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  1. I love these conspiracy theories that the government is just trying to destroy Yeshivos and stop people from learning Torah, and have no interest in drafting the Chareidim to the army. I mean- first of all, aren’t they still giving money to Yeshivos? And anyway, they’re also working on drafting arabs. I think the government’s trying to make them go off the derech too. Yeah, and the government’s drafting the whole country, but their main motives are just to make everyone frei. This is getting a little ridiculous.

  2. That is why they started giving money to the yeshivos so they would be dependant upon them and they could close them down. This is why the gedolim had the wisdom to be against accepting money from the Medinah, and those who did accept money said not all money.

  3. That is why they started giving money to the yeshivos so they would be dependant upon them and they could close them down. This is why the gedolim had the wisdom to be against accepting money from the Medinah, and those who did accept money said not all money.

    Welcome to bubbameisesRus.com

  4. #1:
    This has nothing to do with conspiracy theories.
    If the issue were to see that everyone serves, they would go after the draft-dodgers on the left the same way they’re going after the yeshiva bochurim.

    As far as the Arabs, it’s Netanyahu who’s insisting on including them as well. The Plesner committee’s original recommendation was to leave the Israeli Arabs alone and concentrate only on the yeshiva bochurim.

    Furthermore, if this was really a manpower issue, they would approach it in an entirely different way, and it would be far less politicized.

    Note that in virtually every interview with the politicians involved, they mention that chareidim need to be “integrated into Israeli society.” What do you think they mean?

    And if you think that this is preposterous, please note that years back, when they made cuts to the monthly stipend that families get based on the number of children they have, the MK’s involved in the discussion said straight out that this step is crucial because they thought it would curb the chareidi birth rate, and hence the growth of the chareidi community.

  5. In most siddurim appearing after Shacharis is the Rambam’s 13 principles. The first says that Hashem did, does, and will do everything.

  6. To #1:
    You said it without realizing it. Drafting Arabs — most of whom do NOT feel loyal to Israel, though they are happy to enjoy the standard of living they wouldn’t enjoy anywhere else — is a great way to destroy both the army and the country.

    And of course, #3 is absolutely correct.

  7. To #s 1 & 2, if you would take the time to read what those pushing this are saying you would see that this is the motivation. This push is coming from politicians not the Military brass. And initially they were not talking about Arabs at all, only when it became blatantly obvious that they can not claim inequality if they leave them out.

    He added that believes that if the Draft Law changes, it will also affect the birthrate among the chareidim and the Arabs, saying, “There is no doubt that there is an indirect connection between integrating populations within the mainstream of Israeli society and the world view [of those populations] when it comes to social life, economic and demographic patterns.”

    “According to our information, equal burden also brings with it integration into economic and social life. Today the average is about three children per family, and equality can lead in the long run to a point where there will be fewer demographic differences between populations.”
    Professor Sergio Della Pergola, … made the comments during talks with the leaders of the coalition parties.
    The plan is to draft Chareidim immediately and the Arabs, after They work things out. You can be sure that that time will not come because they want Arabs in the Military like they want a hole in the head. Most of the Military brass want Chareidim only a drop more than that, because it is a royal pain in the neck to accommodate their religious sensibilities in the areas of food, gender separation, tefilah, etc. Even though theoretically, all soldiers have these rights very few care about them – the Chareidim, at least until they wear them down c”v, will!

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