Eidah Considers Boycott of ‘Toys R Us’ for Mixing Boys’ and Girls’ Toys

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The toy store chain Toys R Us in Israel has announced plans to join a global effort to eliminate the gender division between toys for boys and girls.

In response to this announcement, the Eidah Hachareidis of Yerushalayim said, “This is a serious compromise of modesty and a bad influence on the youth of today.”

The Eidah called for a consumer boycott of the store.

Toys R Us will be working on consolidating its toy categories in its stores, bringing together boys’ and girls’ toys that had previously been in separate sections.

In is not clear if the store will mix dolls, for example,  with boys’ toys and the like, but reports indicate that there won’t be clear designations for separate sections for each gender.

Yoilish Kraus of the Eidah called the new store model a “rupture in modesty and a bad influence on the youth by introducing Western concepts that are unacceptable and dangerous.”

According to Kraus, the Eidah will hold an emergency meeting and will consider steps to counter this “dangerous phenomenon of secularization,” especially in the Holy City of Yerushalayim.

“Yerushalayim is not New York or Tel Aviv,” said Kraus. “What the secular allow elsewhere is prohibited here… We have a responsibility for the sanctity of the city. We will not allow pride parades in Yerushalayim or cinemas from opening on Shabbos, and no toy store chains that desire to mix and confuse the genders gender, contrary to human nature as determined by the Creator.”

Kraus added that “there is complete disregard for the large population of observant [Jews]. We will not allow it. Accordingly, we are closely following this phenomenon, and if the situation will call for it, we will consider a consumer boycott on the store and call on the public to stay away from these stores.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. ls this a Purim joke? l don’t think it’s a problem if boys play with dolls or if girls play with trucks. Anyway what are children doing in a toy store anyway (to quote Abie Rottenerg:”as l said to you before, never take kids to a store, all you’re gonna hear is we want more and more”)

  2. as far i know , toys r us is in malcha mall . I hardly doubt their tzibbur shops there anyway (because of tznius issues) . so I don’t get what they are boycotting.

  3. Life is stranger than fiction.

    I love the part about, “According to Kraus, the Eidah will hold an emergency meeting…”

    Wow. This really requires an emergency meeting.

  4. What about seting apart one day a week for boys and men?
    Wouldnt it be considered bitul torah to go shopping for toys?
    Consider closing the entrance to men to all places of entertaintment as they are not places for them………

  5. First off the Eidah has said again and again that Kraus doesn’t talk for them. He is one who puts out “statements” in the name of the Eidah on somewhat of a regular basis, but here he is quoted as “Yoilish crowd of the Eidah”. If you read this article clearly, you can tell something is off over here. First it states that the Eidah called for a boycot. It then goes on to quote who “Yoilish Kraus of the Eidah” who says they may call for an emergency meeting of necessary and discussed a possible ban. In short- never trust what you see on the Internet, especially when it makes little sense.

  6. It’s a serious problem. The atheists are trying to destroy family values by training little kids to change their genders. Already in America lady’s bathrooms must allow men in or face discrimination. Society is falling every day. Soon we Will see the worlds dustruction

  7. Oh please. Playing with guns does not make a boy, or girl, into a military conscript, and while I wish that playing with dolls had educational value towards changing a baby, for good or for bad I am afraid it does not. Let children be children. As for the bathrooms, there are unisex bathrooms in Europe but guess what, they have a door! I don’t think anyone should mind or care whether the person who used the toilet before them was a gentleman or a lady, and I humbly but truly think the destruction of the world has to wait for something more serious than the toilet seat debate.


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