Eidah to Continue Shabbos Demonstrations, American Bochurim Still Being Held By Police

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protest1The Eida Hachareidis has decided to intensify its protests over the Yerushalayim parking lot allowed to be open on Shabbos. In a meeting tonight, heads of the Eidah, led by the Gaon Av Beis Din, Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, decided to hold a mass atzeres tefillah this coming Shabbos once again, as well a demonstration outside the Yerushalyim Municipality sometime next week to protest the Shabbos opening of the Carta lot, located near the Old City.The decision comes on the heels of this past weekend’s gatherings, which drew as many as 50,000 Yidden to stand up for the kavod of Shabbos. Following those protests, 25 Yidden who were arrested during the demonstrations night were ordered out of the city by the Yerushalayim Magistrates’ Court. The minors – there were two of them – were banned from Yerushalayim for 60 days, while the rest were ordered away for two weeks.

Also arrested during the protests were four American yeshiva bochurim, two from Brooklyn and two from Lakewood. The bochurim are still being held in police custody and efforts are underway to gain their release. Matzav.com was put in touch with a bochur who is in the same dirah as one of those arrested and he related that very little information has been released by police. A large number of bochurim went to Police Headquarters to lobby on behalf of their chaveirim, but that seemed to have just riled up a number of anti-chareidi officers.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. B’H May HKBH open the heavens to bless the Edah Charedis! They are True Torah Jews who cant be bought by the medinah!

  2. The prison stay can leave ever-lasting scars on these boys. Much worse than the victims that Dov Hikind is fighting for.
    The Eida must get them out Immediately!

  3. Very sad -> they are in a holding cell, not prison. They haven’t been sentenced. Having been in there, it’s not as bad as you make it out.

    In addition, I would suggest that if the Eida would co-operate with the police and stop the violent protests, then they would definitely have a better chance of getting them out.

    By inciting further violence, obviously the authorities will be more inclined to keep the ‘hot heads’ in a holding cell, so they can’t wound their police officers with rocks etc…

  4. how, about being in a “holding cell” for 26 hours, filled with mice and insects, with little hole in the back of it in case u gotta go.after you were grabbed off the street for passing by an area that there was a demonstration going on.

    WAKE UP America!! whether you agree or disagree with the protests, the is BIG TIME police brutality , and bullying going on here, and people are seriously being mistreated.

  5. the demonstrators and spectators are being mistreated.
    just ask anyone thats there or that saw whats going on in the jails and you’ll see

  6. The heads of the Eidah have been warning people not to be violent, just verbal. This was always the case.

    (However, even though wrong, it is possible sometimes to be don lekaf zechus the violence if it is really due to kanous. I SAID “REALLY” DUE. I have no way of knowing what the case actually is, as I am not there.)

    The important thing is that the gedolim are all completely against any violence at these demonstrations.

  7. This is how the zionists treat antizionist jews! The only reason they let the others go was because they were naturalized. V’Nahapoch Hu… A so called “Jewish” state which doesnt keep Shabbos. A zionist state which abuses the natives the Edah Charedi who keep Shabbos !

  8. I learnt by R’ Scheinberg shlita 30 years ago. Those were the years of the Ramot road demonstrations. He clearly told us to go to the hafgana, BUT DO NOT THROW STONES. NO VIOLENCE.
    He said “you have to make a mechoa, but you do not have to be violent or get arrested.”


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