Einstein’s Written Warning To Jews, After Israel Declares Independence, Up For Sale

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A signed written warning by legendary physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein to the Jewish people, written just days after Israel’s independence in May 1948, is being offered for sale for the first time at $90,000.

In it, the German-born Einstein expresses confidence in the resilience of “our” Jewish people who would “overcome” the catastrophe of the Holocaust, but worries that “one still cannot say that the powerful men of this earth mean well with us.”

The Raab Collection, located in Pennsylvania, acquired the letter from a private collector, Raab Collection president Nathan Raab told JNS.

Einstein’s letter to Chaim Weizmann, dated May 19, 1948—a few days after Weizmann became the Jewish state’s first president—stated: “… One still cannot say that the powerful men of this earth mean well with us. The game the English play with us is miserable, and the American attitude appears ambivalent. However, I am confident that our people will overcome this last scare and that you will live to experience the satisfaction of having created a happy Jewish community … ”

“It is a powerful document, written at a crucial time in Jewish history, and a reminder of the challenges the new Jewish state would have to overcome,” said Raab in a statement.

The letter is not up for auction; rather, it will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.




  1. Albert Einstein A’H was a crack stab frank languish for his own yiddishkeit. He had no beard and did not daven. I dare not know his kosher.

    This is very smart to take note, as when. A jew who does not wish yiddishkeit feels assimilated in the world of the “Great men’. As Caleb and Joshua went to Israel to spy; they returned prospective. Einstein returns a one of others.

    In any sense, his greatness believe it or not was his long side hair. A peyos that is even with the delight that none was specified to a man of his art. He had long side curls and I do impart it is the exact reason his insane intelligence. A Torah bias is given his dream and decree.

    Wonderful anyhow. Do not hate this man. Envy him for his place on the planets’ mad destruction. He will be a wise winner.

    • Hi 7:14, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your native language? Are you using Google translate from Swahili or from Mandarin?

      • Good. My safari is coming soon and I will be glad if you get bum points to show up. Mockery is the best form of bullying. Do we still have a Temple to ask hope?


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