EJF Says it is Sound and Strong

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ejfRecent press coverage of an unfortunate development within the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) has included inaccurate information about the organization, according to an EJF release today. The following is a review, sent by EJF, of what it claims are some of the falsehoods that have appeared in news reports and blogs about EJF:

False Statement: EJF has been paralyzed by the current situation.

Truth:  EJF continues its full slate of programs throughout the world, under global rabbinic leadership. Its offices in the USA, Europe, and Israel are fully functioning.

False Statement: There has been no change in the structure of EJF.

 Truth: EJF is in the process of restructuring its rabbinic leadership, including its rabbinic board. Rabbi Chaim Blum, Rabbinic Liason and Interim Director, is spearheading the effort to reach out to the many gedolei Yisroel who support its mission.

False Statement:  EJF conversions are now very much in question.

Truth: There is no such concept as an “EJF conversion.” It simply does not exist. EJF is not a bais din and has never and will never perform conversions. Conversion applicants who seek EJF support and guidance, and whose sincerity is verified by a reliable sponsoring rabbi, are always referred to separate, independent batei din.

 False Statement:  EJF is one-dimensional organization focused solely on conversion.

Truth:  EJF is involved in broad kiruv programs to head off intermarriage before it happens. It has partnered with such well-known kiruv organizations as Gateways, Ohr Somayach, Arachim, Nefesh Yehudi and Hidabroot, and is actively involved in efforts to prevent young Jews from around the world from intermarrying. The broad scope of EJF’s worldwide activities, including its seminars and rabbinic conferences, are detailed on its website.

 False Statement: EJF encourages conversion which is contrary to halacha.

 Truth: EJF’s mission of support to batei din and candidates for conversion is only in the narrow case of an intermarried couple where the Jewish spouse is a fully observant baal teshuva and the non-Jewish spouse is committed to a universally acceptable halachic conversion. Leading poskim, led by the late venerable posek Harav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, have ruled that, in such a case, the conversion is mandated by halacha.

False Statement: EJF has diluted the standards for conversions.

Truth:  On the contrary, EJF’s rabbinic and dayanim conferences address the havoc wrought by assimilation and intermarriage, including the devastating effects of improper conversions. In response to this issue, EJF has helped establish a network of continually growing batei din that operate under the guidance of gedolei Yisroel, according to the highest halachic standards. Sincere conversion candidates are guaranteed universal acceptance by any Jewish community throughout the world. 

The EJF was victimized by an unfortunate event which has resulted in falsehoods, mistruths, and simply vicious accusations. The mission and support for EJF is sound. As it prepares to emerge stronger than ever before, EJF remains committed to continue its valuable work for Klal Yisroel and kedushas Yisroel under the strong leadership of moronon verabbonon, gedolei Yisroel from around the world.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Damage Control and spin. If the new leadership believes in the organizations goals start over again with a new organization name and policies in place to prevent an unfortunate event happening in the future.

    It is unclear how kavod HaTorah is served by keeping the exisiting framework in place.

  2. I can attest to the veracity of EJF. I have personally seen, met and experience the great work they have done thus far. Many families have been saved from Klal Yisroel. May they continue to function under the strict adherence of Torah Gedolim as they have till now. This is the simple TRUTH..Truth always wins out….

  3. Those who tried to bring down others, often aggressively, ar brought down themselves. This is a classic Jewish idea, repeated many times in the Gemora, and here it is in live action.

  4. To skeptical..change your posting name to “ignorant”EJF has always been and continues to be scrupulous,noble and a superb asset to klal yisroel

  5. Once again, the old Yiddish adage comes to mind, most unfortunately: “VI ES KRISTILT ZICH, AZOY YIDDELT ZICH”. Unfortunately, there are those whose SCRUPULOUS adherence to a set of chosen MITZVIS, as in, for example, THOSE WHO WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS EVEN THINK of eating TURKEY chas v’chalila on Thanksgiving Day because of Chukos Ha-akum, do the most MENUVALDIKE THINGS THAT THE AKUM live their whole lifestyle by, without batting an the proverbial eyelash.
    There are those who jump at every chance to denigrate and invalidate, the MO’s for something so “terrible” as to not wear the “correct” color shirt, or a jacket, or a 1920’s style GANGSTER FEDORA, yet remain silent when those from their own MACHANEH do the most MENUVALDIKE things and are oyver on KAMA V’KAMA ISURAI GILUY ARAYOS.
    AHHHHHHH! Will we never come out and ZUG Der EMES???????????


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