El Al Comes in Last in International On-Time Ranking

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El Al flights arriving late are nothing new, but the airline reached a new low for the month of June: the airline came in 40th place out of 40 airlines rated for how likely to be on time they were. The Israeli company had the most flights which were 15 minutes or more late, reports Danny Sadeh for Ynet.

The report was put out by Flightstats, considered to be the world leader in flight statistics and real-time airline flight reporting. The company looked at 2,667 El Al flights in the month of June, which constituted 87% of all El Al flights for that month. It turns out that 64 percent of the flights were delayed with an average delay of 45 minutes. In other words, El Al was only on time 36% of the time.

Ynet added that Flightstats also released its bi-annual report, whereby El Al was also ranked the least on time airline in the world. Only 47 percent of El Al flights arrived on time since January of 2016. The average delay was 45 minutes.


David Steger – Matzav.com israel


  1. I wonder if these numbers are skewed because El Al flies such a large percentage of its flights overseas and/or long distances where many more factors can influence its timeliness (and lack thereof) than can influence, say, a JFK to Chicago hop on a domestic U.S. based airline.

  2. Most probably because EL AL is the lider in security of the whole world!!
    Lets see how long it will take the other airlines check the way EL AL does and will see who is late…

  3. I believe a large part of the reason that ELAL flights are frequently delayed has to do with security reasons.

  4. ELAL might come in late, but ELAL always comes in to it’s destination. Maybe there should be comparisons of how many times other airlines cancel flights, have emergency landings, or what has happened to the missing flights that have never met there destination and are underwater or have crashed. I rather be late than not at all.


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