El Al Introduces $10 Charge For Seat Reservations

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Passengers must now pay to choose their seats when flying onĀ El Al,

Globes reports that the fall in oil prices over the past few years and intense competition from low-cost carriers have pushed down air fares worldwide. In response, airlines have been compelled to find new services and charges to boost ticket prices, increase revenue and stem the erosion in their profits.

El Al yesterday introduced one such fee, which has always been charged by low-cost carriers and is now becoming popular with some of the world’s major airlines. There is now a $10 surcharge for passengers wishing to select and reserve a particular seat ahead of time – otherwise they will be allocated seating randomly by the airline.

The new charge in no way effects the fee of $25-100 that has always been imposed for those wanting a preferred seat with extra leg room or near an exit.

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