El Al Offers Free Cell Phones for Israel Use


elalEL AL Israel Airlines is introducing a new promotion whereby passengers departing from many cities in the USA can receive a free travel cell phone to use in Israel and on all future visits. This promotion is available with the purchase of a roundtrip ticket for departures before June 30, 2010 from many cities in the USA either thru EL AL online at www.elal.com or via any travel agent.

After the EL AL passenger purchases and receives their ticket, they will also receive a code and a link to the registration site (www.elalphone.com) with simple instructions regarding the cell phone delivery to a location of their choice in Israel.

Once an assigned phone number is received, it belongs to the passenger. A free phone charger included and other accessories such as earphones, blue tooth headsets, car chargers and more are available and attractively priced. For details and restrictions, visit www.elal.com.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Its not free. You only get the phone free. Activation and usage costs the owner money. When you convert the shekels to dollars, you will see that you could get a phone at about the same price as in Hoffy’s. El Al confuses people with the word free. Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware. Its is a good advertisement and publicity stunt. Nisht Mer. All the same features can be gotten at the store.

  2. Thanks and hoffys is the best store around eagles used to be just as great but they closed up shop unfortunately and besides its mitzva to give parnusu to a yid


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