EL Al Passenger Gets $100 Voucher for Awful Experience

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A resident of Beitar Illit recently contacted a member of the Knesset, complaining that he had been mistreated and unfairly charged by El Al on his return from a trip to Prague.

The man was flying with UP, a subsidiary of El Al, where there are fees for everything imaginable. He arrived at the airport with two suitcases and was told that he would have to pay an overweight fee for one of them. The other suitcase was almost empty, and he asked for a few minutes to transfer some items from one piece of baggage to the other.

The employees at the check-in counter insisted that it was too late, since the suitcase had already been weighed, and they quickly removed it from the conveyor belt. Moreover, their overall treatment of the passenger was disgraceful.

The disgruntled passenger contacted a chareidi member of the Knesset, although he did not expect that much would come of it. To his surprise, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz responded that El Al would compensate him for his experience with a voucher for $100 to be applied to his next flight. It was still a negligible sum when compared to the abuse he had endured, but at any rate, it was something.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel News Bureau


  1. Typical ELAL treatment of passengers.
    When their ridership declines they get the message for a few weeks. United isn’t far behind them in their attitude toward Jews.
    Recently I flew with Delta and they far exceeded my expectations. They will be my first choice when flying! Of course price will be the overriding and deciding factor!

  2. This is a very lame story. I just got a 20 dollar voucher at a restaurant when I complained about the server and it was very nice that I might go back. I guess its not news. Nor does this seem to be news either. Thanks.

  3. while El Al is far from perfect. I find that most airlines have become very hard to deal with. On lufthansa we complain about anti semtiism, on brussels air we complain that they don’t serve chumus, on United which I recently flew I thought was very cold treatment and El Al…… There’s one thing pple need to understand and that is that for some reason everyone feels like they own El Al and they deserve special treatment. It is extremely hard to run an airline where so many pple stand for so many things in such a strong way. weather its mincha, maariv, shachris on the plane; which I find beautiful but I’m sure the woman next to me gets annoyed… to having christians on a mission on the flight sing hava nagila or am yisrael chai. Or the hats and extra baby bags etc etc etc…. everyone wants room for themselves no matter where. I’ve had some very not nice experiences on EL Al too and this story from prague is a real let down too to hear but being a frequent traveller I still say that El Al is the best and they deserve respect for it. PPle need to retrain their minds or state of mind and say, nothing is perfect but I’m gonna appreciate whats good…. a 12 hr journey on an airline your upset with can be very painful.

  4. I have found that overall I and my family have been treated very well by El Al personnel. Most importantly, I feel protected. And even if there are moments of disagreement it is disagreement with family-not a stranger.


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