El Al Passengers: We Arrived After the Start of Shabbos

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Last Thursday, El Al passengers arrived at JFK Airport in New York, prepared to board El Al Flight 008 to Israel. Arutz Sheva reports that the flight was scheduled to take off at 8:45pm and land in Israel at 2:20pm on Friday afternoon – just two hours before the start of Shabbos.

However, at check-in the passengers were told the flight would take off half an hour late. “Don’t worry, though, we’ll still arrive in Israel at 2:20, just like we’re scheduled to,” El Al staff told them.

An hour later, technicians arrived and fixed the door, but then pilot discovered he could not move forward, and had to wait for someone to tow the plane to the runway.

Contrary to the attendants’ promises, the flight did not arrive in Israel on schedule, arriving only at 3:35pm. By the time the passengers had cleared customs, taxi service had ended.

“Bottom line, we arrived at 4:35pm, exactly at sunset. And before that, we had to walk, dragging our suitcases, for an hour and a half. Read the full story at Arutz Sheva.




  1. Maybe it’s time to re-adopt a minhag that Yidden practiced for generations. Don’t leave so late with so little time to spare. 2 hours before the zman leaves you in a very tight spot. Stay home if you’ll get there after chatzos and don’t blame elal. It’s never our fault.

  2. Isn’t it kind of risky to leave yourself just 2 hours margin on an erev shabos international flight. The problem seems to be not with the pilot but with the schedule. Should have scheduled a 4pm Thursday take off as opposed to 8pm.

  3. Anti-Israel is anti-American!!!!! Is pro-terrorism. Let the world know no more fake unpatriotic democrats! Save civilization. Save lives. The people voted for better.

  4. Sorry guys but that’s ur fault not el al’s. You should not be on a plane that’s landing 2 hours before shabbas. Period. It’s way too risky. Shud they not have lied to you? Probably yes, but they’re a business and they need to run their planes. Don’t book flights that close to shabbas.

  5. Plane scheduled to arrive 2 hours before Shabbos?
    Then you raise a ruckus if there is a delay?
    You did not expect that to happen?
    Oh my, oh my!

  6. Someone that takes a flight so late & close to Shabbos is a posheya. Case closed. I don’t feel bad for this avarian in the slightest. Good for him. Putz.

    • I agree, traveling evreb shabbat is fraught with implementation and big laws. And this is said of a short trip. Gevald israel is a distant trip. Not after Wednesday to go that and that’s is the halachha. Afterward your hands are sitra acherdik and possibly nichshall in a it.


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