El Al Pays $25,000 For Delay


An Israeli court ordered El Al to pay thirty-five passengers $25,000 compensation for the seventeen hour delay of a flight from Moscow to Israel, Globes reported.

Claiming that the delay was due to a rare technical malfunction that could not be handled in Moscow, El Al argued that this counted as something caused by “special circumstances” which should be exempt from compensation under the terms of the 2012 Aviations Services Law.

The court responded, “An interpretation in which any case of technical malfunction is grounds for exemption cannot be accepted. If such an interpretation were to be accepted, the law would be meaningless” because “a cancelation is always because of some malfunction or other.” Rather, the exemption only applies to situations that have no reasonable solution such as natural disasters or general strikes.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Also, they have barely any respect for their clientele because they’re us. They do NOT respect us. They know how to keep us as their customer base by scheduling flights according to our needs. They don’t care to delay, cancel or otherwise inconvenience their customer base and the facts bear me out! Their prices are outrageous and yheir points system is crummy, but hey, azoi gate ess!
    Hopefully more such rulings will bring them to their Isaeli senses.

  2. At least they came through with compensation. My flight on air Berlin was cancelled and they are conveniently ignoring our emails and when i call them they say I need to email….


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