El Al Stewardess Dies After Being Infected With Measles

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A stewardess of Israel’s El Al airline died today, following a months-long battle with measles, Arutz Sheva reports. The 43-year-old stewardess was infected with the measles virus during a flight from New York to Israel five months ago.

After she was infected, the stewardess was hospitalized in serious condition at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba in central Israel after she was found unconscious and struggling to breathe. Today, doctors at Meir hospital declared her death.

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  1. Unfortunately the anti vaxers will continue their ridiculous anti Torah approach. Every anti vaxer will share in this persons death in the world to come

    • While I agree that antivaxxers are endangering themselves, their kids and others, we don’t know that an antivaxxer infected this poor woman and we certainly don’t know Hashem’s cheshbonos.
      I agree that yeshivos need to keep unvaccinated children out at times of danger, but the parents are terribly misguided, not evil. They love their children dearly and sincerely believe that the rest of world has it wrong, while they’re defending their own children from danger. Even when we must (unfortunately) keep their kids out of school, let’s do it with regret and sadness, not anger.

  2. Sadly, this is what happens when one gets the vaccination as a child and does not keep it up to date every 3 years. According to the CDC since 97% are not exposed to it there’s no reason to vaccinate again. Had she contracted the actual measles – a mild childhood disease – as a child, she wouldn’t have gotten it again now.

    Kol hakavod to the smart parents who refuse to go along with the deadly injections.

  3. Sad story indeed
    The Vaccine caused her death not the anti vaxxer. The best way to protect oneself from the measles complications is getting it as a child.
    The fact is is (no it’s not a myth) that even with 100% vaccination rate there will still be measles outbreaks periodically as even according to the CDC the vaccine is only 97% & effectiveness wanes over time.

    • Let’s see. Vaccines will have a 97% effectiveness rate but no one dies from the vaccine. But getting the disease (instead of a vaccine) as a child will have a 100% effectiveness rate simply because those too weak to survive will die and be forgotten and all those remaining alive will be 100% effective!

      And even at that, it is not true that those who survive remain immune for life.

    • If you mean is the lawsuit against Monsanto real over such things as their “herbicide”, then yes it is real. What Bayer “did wrong” was that last year Bayer had bought out Monsanto in a “takeover”.

  4. Really? Measles is not a “mild childhood disease”.
    As we speak there is a 10 year old boy in a coma at Schneider Medical Center in Petach Tikvah. He’s been that way for months, on a ventilator, with suspected permanent brain damage, as a direct result of contracting the measles. He was previously healthy.

    • Sure. Most 10 year old children are in the hospital with permanent brain damage.

      This tragedy rest squarely on the shoulders of you anti-vaxxers!

      • Silly! If he got the vaccination, he shouldn’t have gotten the measles. Why is it that all those who are not up to date with their measles shots and are exposed to measles are from the “3%” who get the measles?????????

  5. I can’t believe you will print the propaganda of these anti Vaxxers .As if they’re is still any reason to hear they’re crazy lies. They have a din of rodef.

    • If that’s how you pasken then YOU have a chiyuv to go out and kill the anti-vaxxers. Halachicly, a rodef must be killed. You throw out accusations so put your money where your mouth is. Don’t be a coward.

  6. Regardless of your views on vaccination, the issue right now is that we are in the midst of a MEASLES OUTBREAK. Those who continue not to vaccinate healthy children, damage the condition of HERD IMMUNITY, thus participating in the highly increased RISK of an outbreak occurring in the first place. A measles outbreak puts anyone who is not immune, due to any number of reasons, at risk for contracting measles.

    If you do not yet understand what HERD IMMUNITY is, LOOK IT UP. You need to google herd immunity graphic diagram of how it works. Your personal choices DO AFFECT others. It doesn’t matter who she caught if from, or whether she’s part of a small percentage of people who do not know that they are not immune. If there was no measles outbreak, she would likely have not gotten sick.

  7. If the gov didnt enforce total vax for “all” citizens, then now isnt a way to claim victim and enforce on a BS way.

    And whats with the millions of illegals not vaccinated????

    Get yourself some education and dont follow like a sheep the CDC and all money desperate individuals

  8. I have long ago concluded that there is no way to talk sechel into an anti-vaxer. Don’t bother.

    Just keep them far away. From schools, shuls, yeshivas, airplanes etc.


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