El Al to Launch Direct Flights From Las Vegas to Israel


Israel’s national airline will offer direct flights starting next year from Las Vegas to the Jewish state.

El Al announced this month that it will launch nonstop flights from McCarran International Airport to Ben-Gurion International Airport beginning on June 14.

Flights to Las Vegas will depart Ben-Gurion on Fridays at 7 a.m., with return flights to Israel leaving on Saturdays at 10:45 p.m. The flight time will vary between 11 and 13 hours.

All flights will be on Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft with economy, premium and business class options. The plane can accommodate up to 330 passengers.




    • There is a very beautiful Jewish community in the Las Vegas suburbs, including a community kollel and a yeshiva ketanah. The kollel in particular is doing wonders in kiruv. Frum families are moving in from LA and elsewhere because of the lower cost of living.

  1. So flights leaving Israel at 7am will be enough time to land in Vegas before shabbos all year long no matter what time shabbos is?

    I guess the state of Israel approves gambling and is even trying to help people with direct flights to Vegas.

  2. Am I correct?

    It seems like the כונה, although ElAl is not doing “their” business on Shabbos, their primary target clientele is for folks to spend Shabbos at the wheels of fortune in Las Vegas! Sad!

  3. So if someone loses all his money in LV he can now fly El Al non-stop to Ben Gurion and the travel the new express train to the Kosel to ask that the loses be reversed?

  4. First you said direct then you said Non-Stop. Which one is it?

    For those who don’t know, obviously, including the people who wrote this, a direct flight means a flight that has a stop off someplace or a change of plane some place using the same flight number. A nonstop flight means you take off in one place and you land in another place.

    To translated into our language here, if this flight is LAS to TLV, it is NON-STOP.

    If the flight is from LAS to JFK to TLV, on the same airplane and flight number, it would be DIRECT.

    • Planes have to land somewhere in order to refuel. A plane can’t fly endlessly. But you’re correct. When I hear “direct” I assume you have ONE takeoff and ONE landing on the same plane.

  5. “The flight time will vary between 11 and 13 hours”

    That seems quite quick.

    According to Google, NYC – Tel Aviv flight time is 10 hours, 20 minutes, and NYC – Las Vegas is 6 hours.

    So can TLV-LAS really be so quick?

    If so, wow!


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