Elected Officials Demand Justice For Yanky Ostreicher

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ostreicher1A gathering of elected officials was held this afternoon to demand justice for Yanky Ostreicher, a Brooklyn resident held for more than a year in a Bolivian prison.

Senator Charles Schumer, former New York Governor David Paterson, Assemblyman Dov Hinkind and others joined Yanky’s wife and children in front of the Bolivian Mission to the U.N. to protest human rights violations of the U.S. citizen who has been held through more than a dozen postponed hearings for 13 months.

“The Ostreicher family continues to suffer while Jacob Ostreicher languishes in a prison,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “Miriam Ostreicher wants her husband back. Jacob’s children want their father back. We cannot allow this travesty of justice to continue. Bolivia claims to be a democracy governed by laws. Here’s their chance to prove it. They must free Jacob Ostreicher now.”

Yanky, 53, was born and raised in Brooklyn. In December, 2010, he invested in land in Bolivia and managed a rice business there until he was arrested on June 3, 2011 by Bolivian officials. Separated from his family, Yanky began a hunger strike in April to bring attention to the violation of his human rights. His hearings have been delayed more than a dozen times.

Also in attendance today were New York State Minority Leader John Sampson, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, New York State Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs,  New York State Assemblyman Allan Maisel,  New York State  Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein,  New York City Councilman Brad Lander, Chairman of Brooklyn Community Board 12 Yiddel Perlstein,  District Manager of Brooklyn Community Board 12 Wolf Sender, and Councilwoman Letita James.

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  1. It is very sad to see how this country is deteriorating. The justice chief contempt Congress yet the country have no power to prosecute him. Mr. President does whatever he wants, yet – nobody stops him, even the Supreme Court. The judicial branch exercises non-ethical maneuvers, discriminations and disparities in it’s rulings (Shalom Mordechai ben Rivka is one example) and it seems impossible to successfully fight it. And now – the seemingly strongest – most affluent nation in the world, cannot– or perhaps do not want to come to the aid of its innocent citizen in his critical predicament. Can someone explain it? Can give an insight?

  2. Sad story & situation
    TIME for klal yisroel to come together with achdus & no sinas chinam-ONLY THEN can Hashem release him & bring Mashiach i.e. after we can show love & care for every yid-on every level rather frum, chassidish frei or other… etc…-this is also why RUbashkin happened-bec. of lack of ACHDUS in klal yisroel

    MAY ALL YIDDEN COME TOGETHER ASAP & may these innocent prisoners be freed & sent home ASAP & may mashiach come ASAP


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