Electronic Surveillance At Kosel

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Channel 2 recently smuggled an Arab disguised as a chareidi and armed with knives through a Kosel checkpoint on Shabbos, when electronic surveillance is turned off. Due to the incident, Kosel guards are reportedly requiring some people to pass through magnetometers on Shabbos, which can be halachically problematic, depending how they are built and which halachic authorities one follows.

“They wouldn’t allow me or other chareidim to enter [on Shabbos without passing through a magnetometer],” a man named Shlomo told Chadrei Chareidim. “Only after I argued with a number of guards did I manage to get through one entrance with a manual search. But I heard from a number of people that they were not allowed to enter on Shabbos night as well.”

Some years ago, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation installed magnetometers that only react to large metal objects and are permitted by many great poskim, but they are no longer in use.

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  1. I’m not a posik but for pekuach nefesh I think many things that are assur are allowed.

    Why can’t they speak with Beis din?

  2. that is true. was there last week and the lines were really long because everybody had to go through. they even closed one of the entrances after a detector beeped while a yungerman walked by and refused to re-enter the detector it took about half an hour until they agreed to do a pat down instead.


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