Elevator to Be Authorized for Kosel

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The government is expected to soon authorize a proposal of Construction Minister Yoav Galant to construct a 108 foot high elevator linking the Old City to the Kosel area and a 213 foot tunnel connecting the elevator to the Kosel’s security checkpoint. The project is expected to cost $14 million.

“Jewish values begin at the Western Wall, the innermost heart of the Jewish people,” Galant said. “At a time when some try to undermine the Kosel’s connection to the Jewish people and Israeli sovereignty, my colleagues and I are proud to lead the process of strengthening the presence of all Jews in this holy place, including the elderly and the disabled.”

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  1. “Jewish values begin at the Western Wall”

    Jewish values begin with the Torah Hakdosha! Jewish values begin with Yiras Shomayim. Jewish values begin with moral values.
    When you are such an am ha’aretz that you only put value in bricks of a wall, then it goes naturally, that you support a parade of toaivaniks to march thru your “holy” city! Pheh

  2. The money could be much better spent on improving the horrendous, infrequent,often packed bus service to and from the Kotel!!


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