Eli Wiesel On Ahmadinejad: “I Wouldn’t Cry If He Was Killed”

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wieselWell-known Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel relayed his efforts to speak out against both the Iranian regime and the Goldstone Commission’s report today. The prolific author has put together a petition denouncing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, signed by some 50 other Nobel prize winners, which will run as a full page advertisement in newspapers such as the New York Times.”We’re sure that the president of Iran, the world’s Number 1 Holocaust denier, plans to destroy and annihilate the Jewish state, and bring disaster to the entire world,” he told Army Radio, adding, “We plan to distribute the petition … so that it reaches as many people as possible.”

He said that Ahmadinejad is “dangerous because he openly claims that he wants to annihilate the State of Israel, to exterminate another six million Jews.”

“I wouldn’t cry if I heard that Ahmadinejad was assassinated,” he quipped, calling the Iranian president “a pathological danger to world peace.”

Wiesel went on to level fierce criticism at the Goldstone report, which accuses both Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity in Gaza. “One thing is clear to me, that document was unnecessary.”

Of the report’s author, international jurist Richard Goldstone, Wiesel said “that man has a good name, and I’ve known him for years… he should have refused to head the committee, because of the anti-Israel mandate under which it was established.”

“I can’t believe that Israeli soldiers murdered people or shot children. It just can’t be, and Goldstone certainly should have thought twice before taking a role in such a body,” he added.

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  1. Would Mr. Wiesel believe that Jewish Policemen in the Jewish State would bash in the heads of fellow Jews just for gathering in the street?


  2. #1: What I “BELIEVE” is that your comment couldn’t be more irrelevant. What I “BELIEVE” is that you don’t care if there is even the faintest connection between your thoughtless rant and the serious subject matter — Iranian genocide of the Jewish people — at hand. “Say Wha?” indeed.

  3. First of all I completely agree with poster 1. I personally have experienced and have seen extreme brutality by the Israeli police. If this is what they do to their brothers then I don’t know how far they will go against their enemies… I’m sorry if this addends the liberals, but today someone without Torah is no better then another any guy on the street who you wouldn’t be surprised to hear murdered someone. Another point to make (and again my apologies to all those liberally minded people) is today this is already a headline, the fact that someone says he wouldn’t cry if someone trying to murder him dies! He didn’t even say he wants him dead! I wouldn’t even see anything wrong with someone who sees Presidents Obamas policies as leading to the death of people (weather it be healthcare, Iraq, Iran, or anything else) say he would even be HAPPY to see the president dead. I may not agree with him on that point, but philosophically speaking I don’t think such a person is wrong for even trying to assassinate the President. I may believe he is wrong and I believe he should be executed for treason, but I don’t believe he is ethically wrong.

  4. enough banter — weather you folks agree with it or not what the israeli police do is enforcing justice. i am not a liberally minded person at all, im realistic and know that a lot of the israelis i see here in eretz yisroel (especially teenagers) do stupid things and justice can not be enforced by a police politely asking them to move. these policemen are doing their job.

    on another note– i would also be happy to have this ammalek zero annihilated

  5. #3: There is hardly a single sentence of what you wrote that makes any sense. Beyond that, don’t be surprised if the Secret Service comes knocking on your door. Not only does Obama have absolutely nothing to do with this article, but you then proceed, openly on the internet, to advocate for the assassination of the president of the United States.

    #4: Well, gee Gersh. Why don’t you write to him and ask? By the way, have you heard the very famous story (as related first hand by Isaac Steven Herschkopf) of what Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, said to Mr. Herschkopf about his aunt, a non-frum holocaust survivor? “She has numbers on her arm. She is holier than me.” Still dare to ask your disrespectful question?

  6. “Why isn’t Weisel, shomer shabbos?”

    Put your money where your mouth is, Gersh: write and ask him. It would not take you longer than ten minutes for your to find a mailing addressm or even his email address.

  7. the fact that she has numbers on her arm may have made her holy but it didnt give her a reason to not keep shabbos. The same is true by eli wiesel.

  8. To #9 who is anti-me (Shua Cohen):

    I think I need to quote more of the article about Reb Moshe zt’l…then maybe you’ll get it and be embarrassed into silence. Here is the last part of Mr. Herschkopf’s story:

    My aunt had heard the chime when he entered and came out of the office to greet him: “Rabbi Feinstein, did you meet my nephew Ikey? Can you believe a shaygitz like me has a yeshiva bochur in the family?”

    Rav Moshe finally looked at me. I was mortified. My aunt was addressing him irreverently. She was joking with him.

    Then it got even worse. She walked over to him. Surely she knew not to shake his hand. She didn’t. She kissed him affectionately on the cheek as she did many of her favorite patients. She then told him my uncle would see him in a minute and returned to the office.

    Rav Moshe and his attendants turned and looked at me, I thought accusingly. I wanted to die. In a panic, I walked over to him and started to apologize profusely: “Rabbi Feinstein, I apologize. My aunt, she isn’t frum. She doesn’t understand…”

    He immediately placed his fingers on my lips to stop me from talking. He then softly spoke two sentences in Yiddish that I will remember to my dying day: “She has numbers on her arm. She is holier than me.”

    Rav Moshe had understood what I had not. Our holiest generation was defined by the numbers on their arms.

    [So Mr. anti-Shua Cohen: do you understand now, or do you still not get it? Yes, Shabbos, kashrus, taryag mitvot are for the likes of you and me. But in the presence of the Kedoshim…the survivors of hell on earth…we are to be SILENT, as we gaze upon their countenances with awe and reverence].


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