Elite NJ Team Deployed To Florida To Help In Surfside Condo Collapse Search

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New Jersey’s elite urban search and rescue team deployed to Florida on Thursday to help with rescue and recovery efforts one week after a 12-story beachfront condominium building came crashing down.

New Jersey Task Force 1 sent 70 members who specialize in 21 technically skilled positions and 10 ground support personnel. It is the unit’s eighth deployment under FEMA since 2016. Their initial deployment is for two weeks, though authorities have suspended the recovery effort for the time being over concerns about the structural integrity of the part of the building that is still standing.

The New Jersey team’s past experience with structural collapses includes the Twin Towers in the Sept. 11 attacks, the Tropicana Hotel ‘s parking garage and the Hackensack parking garage.

Read more at NBC10.



  1. Way to go Murphy.
    Shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Dollar short day late. Johnny come lately.
    Now that every possible survivor is dead, all these “concerned” “experts/specialists” are coming out of the woodwork! Why weren’t they here on DAY ONE?! Yeh, every agency wants their turn at the photo op. All these tax funded employees want their 15 minutes of fame. Sick people.

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